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Crosscutting Projects
UKERC Research Report
Ekins, P. and Watson, J. (eds.) (2014). UK Energy in a Global Context - Synthesis Report. UKERC Report UKERC/RR/FG/2014/001. UKERC
Ekins. P., Watson. J., Bradshaw. M., Butler. C., Demski. C., Eyre. N., Gross.R., Holland. R., McGlade. C., Mitchell. C., Parkhill. K., Pidgeon. N., Skea. J. and Spence. A. (2014). UK Energy in a Global Context. UKERC Report UKERC/RR/FG/2014/001. UKERC
Watson, J., Gross, R., Ketsopoulou, I. and Winskel, M. (2014). UK Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties - Synthesis Report. UKERC Report UKERC/RR/FG/2014/002. UKERC
UKERC Working Paper
Blyth, W., McCarthy, R. and Gross, R. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Financing the Power Sector - Is the Money Available?. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/004. UKERC
Blyth, W., McCarthy, R. and Gross, R. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Supply Side Change: Technology Assessment - Methods and Uncertainty. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/003. UKERC
Butler, C., Demski, C., Parkhill, K., Pidgeon, N. and Spence, A. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties : Public Values for Energy Futures: Framing, Indeterminacy and Policy Making. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/006. UKERC
Chaudry, M., Abeysekera, M., Hosseini, S.H.R., Wu, J., and Jenkins N. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Uncertainties in UK heat infrastructure development. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/005. UKERC
Davies, G., Prpich, G., Strachan, N. and Pollard, S. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Identifying techniques for managing uncertainty in the energy sector. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/001. UKERC
Dockerty, T., Dockerty, T., Lovett, A., Papathanasopoulou, E., Beaumont, N., Wang, S. and Smith, P. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Interactions between the Energy System, Ecosystems Services and Natural Capital. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/010. UKERC
Eyre, N. and Baruah, P. (2014). Uncertainties in Energy Demand in Residential Heating (Working Paper). UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/007. UKERC
Morton, C., Anable, J. and Brand, C. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties : Policy Making under Uncertainty in the Demand for Electric Vehicles (Working Paper). UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/011. UKERC
Morton, C., Anable, J. and Brand, C. (2014). UKERC Energy strategy Under Uncertainties : Perceived Uncertainty in the Demand for Electric Vehicles: A qualitative assessment (Working Paper). UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/008. UKERC
Pye, S., Sabio, N. and Strachan, N. (2014). Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: An Integrated Systematic Analysis of Uncertainties in UK Energy Transition Pathways. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/002. UKERC
Winskel, M. and Ketsopoulou, I. (2014). UKERC Interdisciplinary Review - Survey Results (Working Paper). UKERC
Winskel, M., Ketsopoulou, I. and Churchouse, T. (2014). UKERC Interdisciplinary Review - Synthesis Report (Working Paper). UKERC
Workshop Report
Buchs, M. (2014). Breaking the Deadlock in Climate Change Communication. 12 March 2014, Church House Conference Centre, Meeting Report. UKERC Report UKERC/MR/MP/2014/001. UKERC

Energy Demand (Demand Reduction)
Journal Article
Brand, C., Goodman, A. and Ogilvie, D. (2014). Evaluating the impacts of new walking and cycling infrastructure on carbon dioxide emissions from motorized travel: A controlled longitudinal study. Appl. Energy, 128: 284-295
UKERC Research Report
Eames, P., Loveday, D., Haines, V., and Romanos, P. (2014). The Future Role of Thermal Energy Storage in the UK Energy System: An Assessment of the Technical Feasibility and Factors Influencing Adoption - Research Report. UKERC Report REF UKERC/RR/ED/2014/001. UKERC
UKERC Working Paper
Eyre. N. and Buruah. P. (2014). UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Uncertainties in Energy Demand in Residential Heating - Working Paper. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/FG/2014/007. UKERC

Energy Supply (Energy Infrastructure & Supply)
Journal Article
Connor, P.M., Baker, P.E., Xenias, D., Balta-Ozkan, N., Axon, C.J. and Cipcigan, L. (2014). Policy and regulation for smart grids in the United Kingdom. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 40: 269-286
UKERC Research Report
Ozkan, N., Watson, T., Connor, P., Axon, C., Whitmarsh, L., Davidson, R., Spence, A., Baker, P. and Xenias, D. (2014). Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK - Synthesis Report. UKERC Report REF UKERC/RR/ES/2014/002. UKERC
Poortinga, W., Pidgeon, N.F., Capstick, S. and Aoyagi, M. (2014). Public Attitudes to Nuclear Power and Climate Change in Britain Two Years after the Fukushima Accident - Synthesis Report. UKERC Report UKERC/RR/ES/2014/001. UKERC
UKERC Working Paper
Xenias, D., Axon, C., Balta-Ozkan, N., Cipcigan, L., Connor, P.M., Davidson, R., Spence, A., Taylor, G. and Whitmarsh, L. (2014). Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Literature Review - Working Paper. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/ES/2014/001. UKERC

Energy Systems (Energy Systems and Modelling)
Journal Article
Dodds, E., Keppo, I., and Strachan, N. (2014). Characterising the Evolution of Energy System Models Using Model Archaeology. Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 20 (2): 83-102
UKERC Research Report
Bradshaw, M., Bridge. G., Bouzarovski, S., Watson, J. and Dutton, J. (2014). The UK's Global Gas Challenge. UKERC Report REF UKERC/RR/ESY/2014/001. UKERC
McGlade, C., Bradshaw, M., Anandarajah, G., Watson, J. and Ekins, P. (2014). A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future? Modelling the Long-Term Global Potential of Natural Gas. UKERC Report REF UKERC/RR/ESY/2014/002. UKERC
UKERC Working Paper
Chaudry. M., Bagdanavicius. A., Thomas. L.,Sansom. R., Calderon. J.O., Jenkins. N. and Strbac. G (2014). UKERC Energy Supply Theme - Synthesis Report. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/ES/2014/001. UKERC
McDowall, W., Trutnevyte, E., Tomei, J., and Keppo, I. (2014). UKERC Energy Systems Theme: Reflecting on Scenarios (Working Paper). UKERC Report UKERC/WP/ESY/2014/002. UKERC
Prpich, G., Darabkhani, H.G., Oakey, J. and Pollard, S. (2014). An investigation into future energy system risks: An industry perspective. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/ES/2014/001. UKERC

Energy and Environment (Environmental Sustainability)
Journal Article
Hooper, T. and Austen, M. (2014). The co-location of offshore windfarms and decapod fisheries in the UK: Constraints and opportunities. Marine Policy, 43: 295-300
Moran Jay B., Howard. D., Hughes. N., Whitaker. J., and Anandarajah. G. (2014). Modelling Socio-Environmental Sensitivities: How Public Responses to Low Carbon Energy Technologies Could Shape the UK Energy System. Scientific World Journal, 2014: 13
Taylor, S.C., Firth, S.K., Wang, C., Allinson, D., Quddus, M. and Smith, P. (2014). Spatial mapping of building energy demand in Great Britain. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 6 (2): 123-135
UKERC Working Paper
Hinton, E., Holland, R., Austen, M., Taylor, G. (eds.) (2014). Bridging the gap between energy and the environment: A synthesis of research conducted within the UKERC Energy & Environment theme.. UKERC Report UKERC/WP/EE/2014/001. UKERC

Technology and Policy Assessment
UKERC Research Report
Blyth, W., Gross, R., Speirs, J., Sorrell, S., Nicholls, J., Dorgan, A., and Hughes, N. (2014). Low carbon jobs: The evidence for net job creation from policy support for energy efficiency and renewable energy. UKERC Report REF UKERC/RR/TPA/2014/002. UKERC
Speirs. J., Gross. R., Contestabile. M., Candelise. C., Houari. Y. and Gross. B. (2014). Materials availability for low-carbon technologies: An assessment of the evidence. UKERC Report UKERC/RR/TPA/2014/001. UKERC

No Research Area applies
Research Atlas Landscape
Chaudry, M (2014). UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Electricity Transmission and Distribution.
Lowe, R., and Halliday, J.A. (2014). UKERC Energy Research Landscape - Energy Efficiency - Residential & Commercial.
Research Atlas Roadmap
Jeffrey. H. (2014). Marine Energy Technology Roadmap 2014.
UKERC Working Paper
Bell. K., Dodds. P., Chaudry. M., Eyre. N. and Aylott. M. (2014). Response from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into the resilience of electricity infrastructure. UKERC
Eyre. N., Darby. S. and Green. R. (2014). Response from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) to the Energy and Climate Change Committee's Inquiry on Electricity Demand-side Measures. UKERC
Hawkey. D., Tingey. M. and Webb. J. (2014). Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems - a Pilot Study of Current Activities and Future Impact. ETI
Workshop Report
Watson. J., Ketsopoulou. I., McGlade. C. and Aylott. M. (2014). UKERC Flexible Research Fund Town Hall Meeting - meeting report. UKERC Report TBA. UKERC