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Technology and Policy Assessment
Policy Briefing Paper
Gross. R. and Watson. J. (2015). Driving innovation through continuity in UK energy policy : Four simple steps to maintain investor confidence, boost innovation and reduce costs in the UK power sector. UKERC Report TBA.
UKERC Working Paper
Bilton. M,. and Carmichael. R (2015). Consumer attitudes to changes in electricity supply voltage. UKERC
Holland. R., Beaument. N., Austen. M., Gross. R., Heptonstall. P., Watson. J. and Taylor. G. (2015). Energy pathways and valuing natural capital - Scoping note - January 2015, version 1. UKERC
Wade. J. and Eyre. N. (2015). Energy Efficiency Evaluation: the evidence for real energy savings from energy efficiency programmes in the household sector. UKERC

Whole Systems Research
UKERC Working Paper
Bell. K. and Hawker. G. (2015). Developing networks for the low carbon energy future. UKERC
Dutton. J. (2015). EU Energy Policy and the Third Package. UKERC
Froggatt, A. and Hadfield. A. (2015). Deconstructing the European Energy Union: Governance and 2030 Goals. UKERC

No Research Area applies
UKERC Working Paper
McGlade. C, Ekins. P., Bradshaw. M. and Wason. J. (2015). Conditions for environmentally-sound UK shale gas development. UKERC
Winskel. M., Ketsopoulou. I. and Churchouse. T. (2015). UKERC Interdisciplinary Review: Research Report. UKERC