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EDC Serial Number EDC0000203
Title Energy use: by industry reallocated to final consumer and energy intensity
Data Location
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Description The UK's reallocated energy use and energy intensity - the level of usage per unit of economic output, by industry (SIC 2007 group - around 130 categories). Reallocated energy consumption is where losses incurred during transformation and distribution are allocated to the final consumer of the energy rather than the electricity generation industry.
DOI (none given)
Sector Commercial
Coverage United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/1990
End: 31/12/2012
Usage Rights for this Data UK Open Government Licence (OGL)
Data Type Time Series
Parameter Names Reallocated energy use in million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) by industry section and group, reallocated energy use in terajoules (TJ) by industry section and group, energy intensity by industry section and group (TJ per m)
Units (none given)
Number of Records (none given)
IEA Category Industry
Creator of the Data Office for National Statistics
Data made available by Office for National Statistics
Format application/Excel
Language English
Project UK National Statistics The Office for National Statistics (ONS) main responsibilities are collecting, analysing and disseminating statistics about the UK's economy, society and population.
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Other Information These data are part of the environmental accounts data set.