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EDC Serial Number EDC0000240
Title Power Reactor Information System (PRIS)
Data Location
Linked Dataset outside of EDC
Description The Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), developed and maintained by the IAEA for over five decades, is a comprehensive database focusing on nuclear power plants worldwide. PRIS contains information on power reactors in operation, under construction, or those being decommissioned.
DOI (none given)
Sector Commercial
Coverage World
Start: 01/01/1954
End: 31/12/2021
Usage Rights for this Data Open Access
This data may be freely used for any purpose
Data Type Website
Parameter Names
Units (none given)
Number of Records (none given)
IEA Category Nuclear Fission
Creator of the Data IAEA
Data made available by IAEA
Format Various
Language English
Project IAEA International Atomic Energy Authority
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Other Information PRIS is available to both the general public and registered users, with registered users able to input their own data and access a statistics reporting tool. There is more information at