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DECC Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom (ECUK) Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom (ECUK) is an annual statistical publication that provides a comprehensive review of energy consumption and changes in efficiency, intensity and output since the 1970s, with particular focus on trends since 2000. ECUK is split into five chapters: (1) Overall energy consumption in the UK; (2) Transport sector energy consumption; (3) Domestic sector energy consumption; (4) Industrial sector energy consumption; (5)Services sector energy consumption. Each chapter contains an Excel workbook and a factsheet summarising key trends and information within that sector. Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) EDC0000079 United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/2000
End: 31/12/2049
At any one time, only the current issue is available online - earlier years are archived

Industrial Energy Use (UK) Database of baseline energy use and emissions for key process industries (iron & steel; chemicals; food & drink manufacture; paper; cement) in the UK industrial sector and opportunities for reducing these (improvement potentials). Total sectoral energy flows (PJ) and emissions (MtCO2e) and sectoral energy flows (PJ/t) and emissions (kgCO2e/t) per unit output.
Industrial sectors: Iron & steel; Chemicals; Food & drink manufacture; Paper; Cement
UKERC Energy Demand Theme (University of Bath team) EDC0000042 United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/2010
End: 31/12/2010
Baseline year for data: 2010 (except Iron & Steel 2007)

Statistics at Defra National and official statistics relating to the environment, rural communities, food and farming. Environment statistics including air quality and emissions statistics, environmental protection expenditure survey, sustainable development indicators,digest of waste and resources statistics; Food statistics including food transport indicators; and Land management and environmental issues. Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) EDC0000129 United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/1970
End: 31/12/2049
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