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EDC Serial Number EDC0000247
Title Open Power System Data
Data Location
Linked Dataset outside of EDC
Description A free and open data platform for energy system modelling. OPSD collect, check, process, document, and publish data that are publicly available but currently inconvenient to use.
DOI (none given)
Sector Commercial
Coverage Europe
Start: 31/12/2014
End: 31/12/2020
Usage Rights for this Data Open Access
This data may be freely used for any purpose
Data Type Website
Parameter Names Conventional power plants; national generation capacities; renewable power plants; time-series wind, solar, load, prices; weather data; household load and solar generation; PV and wind potential energy; simulated aggregated heat demand.
Units (none given)
Number of Records (none given)
IEA Category Nuclear Fission
Electricity transmission and distribution
Other Supporting Data
Creator of the Data Neon Neue Energiekonomik, Technical University of Berlin, ETH Zrich and DIW Berlin.
Data made available by Neon Neue Energiekonomik
Format Various
Language English
Project Open Power System Data The Open Power System Data project provides packages of open European power system data for energy system models.
Related Datasets (none given)
Other Information Open access where possible but some data published here might be subject to copyright. Check specific terms by data set.
For further information see "Open Power System Data Frictionless data for electricity system modelling" in Applied Energy.