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EDC Serial Number EDC0000262
Title Energy Storage Cost and Performance Database
Data Location
Linked Dataset outside of EDC
Description Cost and performance metrics for individual energy storage technologies which track: cost to procure, install, and connect an energy storage system; associated operational and maintenance costs; and end-of life costs. Technologies are: lithium-ion (lithium iron phosphate and nickel manganese cobalt chemistries); vanadium redox flow; lead acid; pumped storage hydropower; compressed air energy storage; and hydrogen.
DOI (none given)
Sector Commercial
Coverage Other
United States
Start: 01/01/2020
End: 31/12/2030
Usage Rights for this Data Open Access (non-commercial use only)
This data may be freely used for non-commercial use.
Data Type Website
Parameter Names
Units (none given)
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IEA Category Hydrogen storage
Energy storage
Creator of the Data Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Data made available by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Format Various
Language English
Project Energy Storage Grand Challenge U.S. Department of Energy
Related Datasets (none given)
Other Information 2020 data and 2030 estimates of costs and performance are available.