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EDC Serial Number EDC0000271
Title Welsh Housing Conditions Survey 2017-2018
Data Location
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Description The Welsh Housing Conditions Survey, 2017-2018 (WHCS) provides an estimate of the condition and energy efficiency/performance of the housing stock in Wales. The survey covered all types of housing and all tenures but not vacant properties.
DOI (none given)
Sector Domestic
Coverage Wales
Start: 01/08/2017
End: 30/04/2018
Usage Rights for this Data Licensed data (restrictions may apply)
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Data Type Survey
Parameter Names
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Number of Records (none given)
IEA Category Residential and commercial
Creator of the Data Welsh Government
Data made available by UK Data Service
Format Various
Language English
Project UK Social Data
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Other Information As well as the usual topics the survey explored elements that may become an issue in the future, for example climate change (hotter summers, wetter winters etc.) and the housing stock's ability to cope.