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Phase 1 of the review of energy system demonstrators identified and documented each of 119 demonstrators in a standard format report. A zip of all Phase 1 reports and the individual reports are available to download here.

Zipped Version (2.3 MB)


AbH2Bus_PF.pdf 81K
ACE_PF.pdf 55K
ActClass_PF.pdf 54K
ADR_PF.pdf 67K
ARC_PF.pdf 66K
AshH_PF.pdf 56K
BEN_PF.pdf 57K
BRE_SmartH_PF.pdf 55K
Bus2Grid.pdf 55K
BusChrge_PF.pdf 54K
Carport_PF.pdf 54K
CEH_PF.pdf 55K
Celsius_PF.pdf 56K
Chess_PF.pdf 81K
CityCNG_PF.pdf 97K
CLNR_PF.pdf 69K
Cockle_PF.pdf 98K
Cranbrook_PF.pdf 55K
DDSM_PF.pdf 55K
DESC_PF.pdf 52K
DLCEH_PF.pdf 52K
DR-BOB_PF.pdf 93K
DSSS_PF.pdf 88K
e4Future.pdf 57K
EandH_PF.pdf 85K
EarlyL_PF.pdf 54K
Eastheat_PF.pdf 54K
EFCC_PF.pdf 66K
eflex_PF.pdf 54K
ElecBlvd_PF.pdf 55K
ElecNat_PF.pdf 58K
Electrou_PF.pdf 81K
ELSA_PF.pdf 65K
Entire_PF.pdf 55K
ERIC_PF.pdf 55K
eVelocity_PF.pdf 55K
FairIsle_PF.pdf 52K
Falcon_PF.pdf 83K
Fintry_PF.pdf 99K
Flexis_PF.pdf 104K
FlexNet_PF.pdf 55K
Foula_PF.pdf 51K
Freedom_PF.pdf 56K
Fusion_PF.pdf 67K
FutCit_PF.pdf 53K
GoGreenGas_PF.pdf 55K
GWW_PF.pdf 55K
HANM_PF.pdf 55K
HDisnet_PF.pdf 66K
Helix_PF.pdf 66K
HESP_PF.pdf 51K
Hooky_PF.pdf 66K
HyDeploy_PF.pdf 54K
HyHouse.pdf 55K
IEMD_PF.pdf 54K
Integrel_PF.pdf 66K
Integridy_PF.pdf 82K
Kingston_PF.pdf 55K
LCH_PF.pdf 56K
LCLon_PF.pdf 59K
LEM_PF.pdf 57K
Leven_PF.pdf 54K
London_PF.pdf 55K
LVCES_PF.pdf 55K
LVCM_PF.pdf 55K
Mull_PF.pdf 54K
MyEA_PF.pdf 57K
NetEq_PF.pdf 54K
NINES_PF.pdf 54K
Odysseus_PF.pdf 83K
Origin_PF.pdf 83K
OrkHtSmt_PF.pdf 57K
OrkSmle_PF.pdf 53K
OrkSnT_PF.pdf 82K
OutHeb_PF.pdf 99K
PHES_PF.pdf 54K
PLAES_PF.pdf 82K
Powerloop_PF.pdf 56K
PSC_PF.pdf 86K
Renew_PF.pdf 54K
Resilient_PF.pdf 83K
Resseepe_PF.pdf 92K
RevTrans_PF.pdf 54K
ROGER_PF.pdf 55K
Rugged_PF.pdf 81K
SAVE_PF.pdf 66K
Scilly_PF.pdf 55K
Sciurus_PF.pdf 55K
SDEnStor_PF.pdf 55K
Sensible_PF.pdf 92K
SharCit_PF.pdf 82K
ShetBat_PF.pdf 54K
ShiftSave_PF.pdf 52K
SLCED_PF.pdf 57K
SmHubs_PF.pdf 54K
SmIsl_PF.pdf 56K
SmrtNetSt_PF.pdf 57K
SmrtStr_PF.pdf 56K
SmtBdlg_PF.pdf 54K
SoLa_PF.pdf 57K
Solcer_PF.pdf 66K
SolSt_PF.pdf 56K
South_East_PF.pdf 54K
StepUp_PF.pdf 66K
Stirling_PF.pdf 55K
SuburbPV_PF.pdf 67K
SunTar_PF.pdf 55K
SYNC_PF.pdf 88K
Tabede_PF.pdf 113K
TESS_PF.pdf 52K
TFPGB_PF.pdf 54K
ThinkEn_PF.pdf 53K
Trent_PF.pdf 54K
TVV_PF.pdf 56K
V2GO.pdf 58K
Zedpod_PF.pdf 53K
Zero_Bills_PF.pdf 66K
Zero_plus_PF.pdf 82K