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Journal Article

The co-location of offshore windfarms and decapod fisheries in the UK: Constraints and opportunities

Hooper, T. and Austen, M. 2014

Modelling Socio-Environmental Sensitivities: How Public Responses to Low Carbon Energy Technologies Could Shape the UK Energy System

Moran Jay B., Howard. D., Hughes. N., Whitaker. J., and Anandarajah. G. 2014

Spatial mapping of building energy demand in Great Britain

Taylor, S.C., Firth, S.K., Wang, C., Allinson, D., Quddus, M. and Smith, P. 2014

Cost and potential of carbon abatement from the UK perennial energy crop market

Alexander, P., Moran, D., Rounsevell, M.D.A., Hillier, J. and Smith, P. 2013

Estimating UK perennial energy crop supply using farm-scale models with spatially disaggregated data

Alexander, P., Moran, D., Smith, P.,Hastings, A., Wang, S., Sunnenberg, G., Lovett, A., Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Taylor, G., Finch, J. and Cisowska, I. 2013

The potential of offshore windfarms to act as marine protected areas A systematic review of current evidence

Ashley, M.C., Mangi, S.C. and Rodwell, L.D. 2013

Consumption-based GHG emission accounting: a UK case study

Barrett, J., Peters, G., Wiedmann, T., Scott K., Lenzen, M., Roelich, K. and Le Qur, C. 2013

The technical potential of Great Britain to produce ligno-cellulosic biomass for bioenergy in current and future climates

Hastings, A., Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Matthews, R.W., Henshall, P.A., Milner, S., Smith, P. and Taylor, G. 2013

Tidal barrages in the UK: Ecological and social impacts, potential mitigation, and tools to support barrage planning

Hooper, T. and Austen, M. 2013

The availability of land for perennial energy crops in Great Britain

Lovett, A., Snnenberg, G. and Dockerty, T. 2013

Carbon footprints of cities and other human settlements in the UK

Minx, J., Baiocchi, G., Wiedmann, T., Barrett, J., Creutzig, F., Feng, K., Forster, M., Pichler, P., Weisz, H. and Hubacek, K. 2013

A GIS based assessment of bioenergy potential in England within existing energy systems

Thomas, A.R.C., Bond, A.J. and Hiscock, K.M. 2013

The potential for bioenergy crops to contribute to meeting GB heat and electricity demands

Wang, S., Hastings, A., Wang, S., Sunnenberg, G., Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Taylor, S., Alexander, P., Cisowska, I., Lovett, A., Taylor, G., Firth, S., Moran, D., Morison, J. and Smith, P. 2013

Policy-relevant applications of environmentally extended MRIO databases - Experiences from the UK

Wiedmann, T. and Barrett, J. 2013

Link between climate change mitigation and resource efficiency: A UK case study

Barrett, J. and Scott, K. 2012

Sensitivity of crop model predictions to meteorological and soil data

Pogson M., Hastings A., Smith P. 2012

Development and evaluation of ForestGrowth-SRC a process-based model for short rotation coppice yield and spatial supply reveals poplar uses water more efficiently than willow

Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Henshall P.A., Aylott M.J., Randle T.J., Morison J.I.L. and Taylor G. 2012

A multi-criteria based review of models that predict environmental impacts of land use-change for perennial energy crops on water, carbon and nitrogen cycling

Thomas, A.R.C., Bond, A.J. and Hiscock, K.M. 2012

An Optimization Model for Energy Crop Supply

Wang S.F., Hastings A. and Smith P. 2012

Economic and greenhouse gas costs of Miscanthus supply chains in the United Kingdom

Wang, S., Wang, S., Hastings, A., Pogson, M. and Smith, P. 2012

Counting the cost of carbon in bioenergy systems: sources of variation and hidden pitfalls when comparing life cycle assessments

Rowe R., Whitaker J., Freer-Smith P.H., Chapman J., Ryder S., Ludley K.E., Howard D.C. and Taylor G. 2011

A Greenhouse Footprint Analysis of UK Central Government (1990 to 2008)

Wiedmann T. and Barrett, J. 2011

Application of Hybrid Life Cycle Approaches to Emerging Energy Technologies The Case of Wind Power in the UK

Wiedmann TO, Suh S, Feng K, Lenzen M, Acquaye A, Scott K, Barrett JR. 2011

Estimating the supply of biomass from short-rotation coppice in England, given social, economic and environmental constraints to land availability

Aylott M.J., Casella E., Farrall K. and Taylor G. 2010

Understanding Changes in the UKs CO2 Emissions: A Global Perspective

Baiocchi, G. and Minx, J.C. 2010

The impact of social factors on consumer behaviour and carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom: A regression based on input-output and geo-demographic consumer segmentation data

Baiocchi, G., Minx, J.C. and Hubacek, K. 2010

Uncertainty analysis for Multi-Region Input-Output Models a case study of the UKs carbon footprint

Lenzen, M., Wood, R. and Wiedmann, T. 2010

A Carbon Footprint Time Series of the UK - Results from a Multi-Region Input-Output Model

Wiedmann, T., Wood, R., Minx, J., Lenzen, M., Guan, D. and Harris, R. 2010

An initial assessment of the potential environmental impact of CO2 escape from marine carbon capture and storage systems. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part A

Blackford, J., Jones, N., Proctor, R., Holt, J., Widdicombe, S., Lowe, D., Rees, A. 2009

Tidal energy potential in UK waters. Proceedings of the ICE

Burrows, R., Walkington, I.A., Yates, N.C., Hedges, T.S., Li, M., Zhou, J.G., Chen, D.Y., Wolf, J., Holt, J. and Proctor, R. 2009

The tidal range energy potential of the West Coast of the United Kingdom

Burrows, R. , Walkington, I.A., Yates, N.C., Hedges, T.S., Wolf, J. and Holt, J. 2009

Input-output analysis and carbon footprinting: An overview of regional and corporate applications

Minx, J., Wiedmann, T., Wood, R., Peters, G., Lenzen, M., Owen, A., Scott, K., Barrett, J., Hubacek, K., Baiocchi, G., Paul, A., Dawkins, E., Briggs, J., Guan, D., Suh, S. and Ackermann, F. 2009

Identifying potential environmental impacts of large-scale deployment of dedicated bioenergy crops in the UK.

Rowe, R.L., Street, N.R. and Taylor, G. 2009

Environmental impacts of tidal power schemes. Proceedings of the ICE.

Wolf, J., Walkington, I.A., Holt, J. and Burrows, R. 2009

Yield and spatial supply of bioenergy poplar and willow short rotation coppice in the UK

Aylott, M.J, Casella, E, Tubby, I, Street, N.R, Smith, P. and Taylor, G. 2007

QTL for yield in bioenergy Populus. Identifying G x E interactions influencing growth at three contrasting sites

Rae, A.M, Pinel, M.P.C, Bastien, C, Sabatti, M, Street, N.R, Tucker, J, Dixon, C, Marron, N, Dillen, S.Y. and Taylor, G 2007

Book Chapter

Uncertainty and Variability in MRIO Analysis

Owen, A. 2013

Environmental risks and performance assessment of carbon dioxide (COo2) leakage in marine ecosystems

Blackford, J., Widdicombe, S., Lowe, D., and Chen. B. 2010

Carbon Uptake, Transport and Storage by Oceans and the Consequences of Change

Turley C., Blackford, J., Hardman-Mountford, N, Litt, E., Llewellyn, C., Lowe, D., Miller, P., Nightingale, P., Rees, A., Smyth, T., Tilstone, G. and Widdicombe S. 2009

Underground storage of Carbon Dioxide

Holloway, S, Bentham, M, Kirk, K. and Angel, M. 2006

UKERC Research Report

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Green Energy Mull

Cairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, T., Hardy, J., McLachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E., Sharmina, M. 2020

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative

Cairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, T., Hardy, J., McLachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E. and Sharmina, M. 2020

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Brighton and Hove Energy Services

Cairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, T., Hardy, J., McLachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E. and Sharmina, M. 2020

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Gwent Energy CIC

Cairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, Tim., Hardy, J., Mclachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E., Sharmina, M. 2020

How Local Authorities can encourage citizen participation in energy transitions. An Energy-PIECES report.

Haf, S. and Robison, R. 2020

Governing the UKs transition to decarbonised heating: Lessons from a systematic review of past and ongoing heat transitions. An Energy-PIECES report

Stabler, L. and Foulds, C. 2020

UKERC Working Paper

Sectoral export promotion impacts on economic and environmental indicators: A multisectoral modelling analysis for the UK

Allan, G., Barkoumas, C., Ross, A. and Sinha, A. 2020

Bridging the gap between energy and the environment: A synthesis of research conducted within the UKERC Energy & Environment theme.

Hinton, E., Holland, R., Austen, M., Taylor, G. (eds.) 2014

Environmental Sustainability of Electricity Generation Systems with Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage

Holloway, S and Rowley, W. J. 2008

Life cycle assessment in the bioenergy sector: developing a systematic review

Rowe, R, Whitaker, J, Chapman, J, Howard, D and Taylor, G 2008

Towards sustainable energy use for transport

Brown, S. and Whitaker, J. 2007

Developing a Bioenergy Roadmap for the UK

Taylor, Gail 2007

Workshop to Develop a Bioenergy Research Roadmap for the UK

Taylor, Gail 2007

Workshop Report

UKERC spatial planning for marine renewable energy arrays workshops: Executive summary

Keay-Bright, S, Begg, K. and Linley, A. 2008

UKERC spatial planning for marine renewable energy arrays workshops

Keay-Bright, S, Begg, K. and Linley, A. 2008

Consultation Response

UK Energy Research Centre Response to the Energy and Climate Change Committee Consultation on Consumption-based Emission Reporting.

Barrett, J., C. Le Qur, M. Lenzen, G. Peters, K. Roelich, and T. Wiedmann 2011

Policy Briefing Paper

Policy Briefing : An introduction to ecosystem services

Beaumont, N 2013

Carbon Emission Accounting Balancing the books for the UK

Morgan, N. 2011