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Journal Article

Characterising the Evolution of Energy System Models Using Model Archaeology

Dodds, E., Keppo, I., and Strachan, N. 2014

The structure of uncertainty in future low carbon pathways

Hughes N., R. Gross and N. Strachan 2013

Un-burnable oil: An examination of oil resource utilisation in a decarbonised energy system

McGlade, C. and Ekins, P. 2013

Investment risk and return under renewable decarbonization of a power market

Munoz J.I. and Bunn D.W. 2013

An expert elicitation of climate, energy and economic uncertainties

Usher, W. and Strachan, N. 2013

Resolving or managing uncertainties for carbon capture and storage: Lessons from historical analogues.

Watson, J., Kern, F. and Markusson, N. 2013

Marginal abatement cost curves: a call for caution

Kesicki, F. and Ekins, P. 2012

A socio-technical framework for assessing the viability of carbon capture and storage technology

Markusson, N., Kern, F., Arapostathis, S., Chalmers, H., Ghaleigh, N., Heptonstall, P., Pearson, P., Rossati, D., Russell, S. and Watson, J. 2012

A review of the uncertainties in estimates of global oil resources

McGlade C 2012

What will CCS demonstrations demonstrate?

Russell, S., Markusson, N. and Scott, V. 2012

Failure to achieve stringent carbon reduction targets in a second-best policy world

Strachan, N. and Usher, W. 2012

Critical mid-term uncertainties in long-term decarbonisation pathways

Usher, W. and Strachan, N. 2012

Towards a Low-Carbon Economy: Scenarios and Policies for the UK

Ekins. P., Anandarajah G., Strachan. N. 2011

A Major Environmental Tax Reform for the UK: Results for the Economy, Employment and the Environment

Ekins, P., Summerton, P., Thoung, C., and Lee, D. 2011

The development and application of a temporal MARKAL energy system model using flexible time slicing

Kannan, R. 2011

Interactions and Implications of Renewable and Climate Change Policy on UK Energy Scenarios

Anandarajah G., and N. Strachan 2010

Eco-Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: Concepts, Progress and Policies

Ekins, P. 2010

Unannounced Environmental Tax Reform in the UK: The Fuel Duty Escalator and Income Tax in the 1990s

Ekins, P., Kleinman, H., Bell, S., Shaw, B. and Venn, A. 2010

Methodological Review of UK and International Low Carbon Scenarios, Energy Policy

Hughes N. and N. Strachan 2010

Capture ready' regulation of fossil fuel power plants - Betting the UK's carbon emissions on promises of future technology

Markusson, N. and Haszeldine, S. 2010

Business As Unusual: Existing Policies in Energy Model Baselines

Strachan, N. 2010

The macroeconomic rebound effect from the implementation of energy efficiency policies at global level

Dagoumas, A. and Barker, T. 2009

The impact of EU policies on energy use in and the evolution of the UK built environment

Ekins, P. and Lees, E. 2009

Uncertainties in Key Low Carbon Power Generation Technologies - Implication for UK Decarbonisation Targets

Kannan, R. 2009

Modelling the UK residential energy sector under long-term decarbonisation scenarios: Comparison between energy systems and sectoral modelling approaches

Kannan, R. and Strachan, N. 2009

Soft-linking energy systems and GIS models to investigate spatial hydrogen infrastructure development in a low carbon UK energy system

Strachan, N, Balta-Ozkan, N, Joffe, D, McGeevor, K. and Hughes, N. 2009

The Iterative Contribution and Relevance of Modelling to UK Energy Policy

Strachan, N., Pye, S. and Kannan, R. 2009

The Economics of Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change. An Editorial Essay on the Stern Review

Barker, T. 2008

The macroeconomic rebound effect and the world economy

Barker, T, Dagoumas, A. and Rubin, J. 2008

Achieving the G8 50% Target: Modelling Induced and Accelerated Technological Change Using the Macro-econometric Model E3MG

Barker, T. and Foxon, T. 2008

The Demand for New Car Fuel Economy of Gasoline and Diesel in the UK.

Bonilla, D. and Foxon, T. 2008

Integrated modelling of EU transport policy assessing economic growth impacts from social marginal cost procing and infastructure investments

Khler, J, Barker, T. and Jin, Y. 2008

Low Carbon Society Modelling

Strachan, N., Foxon, T., and Fuchino, J. 2008

Policy implications from modelling long term senarios for low carbon societies

Strachan, N, Foxon, T. and Fujino, J. 2008

Hybrid modelling of long-term carbon reduction scenarios for the UK

Strachan, N. and Kannan, R. 2008

International drivers of a UK evolution to a low carbon society

Strachan, N, Pye, S. and Hughes, N. 2008

The macroeconomic rebound effect and the UK economy

Barker, T.S, Ekins, P. and Foxon, T.J. 2007

Macroeconomic Effects of Efficiency Policies for Energy-intensive Industries: the Case of the UK Climate Change Agreement, 2000-2010.

Barker, T.S, Ekins, P. and Foxon, T,J. 2007

Carbon leakage from unilateral environmental tax reforms in Europe, 1995-2005.

Barker, T.S, Junankar, S, Pollitt, H. and Summerton, P. 2007

Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Policies for Road Transport: Efficiency Agreements Versus Fuel Taxation for the UK, 2000-2010

Barker, T.S, Rubin, J. 2007

Towards improved policy processes for promoting innovation in renewable electricity technologies in the UK.

Foxon, T.J. and Pearson, P. 2007

Setting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets Under Baseline Uncertainty: The Bush Climate Change Initiative.

Strachan, N. 2007

Emissions from distributed vs. centralized generation: The importance of system performance

Strachan, N. and Farrell, A. 2006


Carbon-energy taxation: lessons from Europe

Andersen, M.S. and Ekins, P. 2009

Modelling Long-Term Scenarios for Low Carbon Societies

Strachan N., T. Foxon, and J. Fujino 2008

Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Contribution of Working Group III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Barker, T. et al 2007

Book Chapter

Sustainability, Climate Change, and Transition in Global Energy

Bradshaw, M.J. 2013

Public policy and public opinion on shale gas development

Dutton, J 2012

Challenges to the Shale Gas Revolution

Dutton, J. 2012

Competitiveness: What do we know from the Modelling?

Ekins, P. and Speck, S. 2012

A low carbon transition: from technological options to exploring governance issues

Strachan N. and T. Foxon 2012

Pathways to a low carbon economy

Anandarajah G., Ekins P., and Strachan. N 2011

System Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: Concepts, Policies and Political Economy

Ekins, P. 2011

UK Energy Policy and Institutions

Ekins, P., Skea, J. and Winskel, M. 2011

Putting it all together: Implications for policy and action

Ekins, P., Winskel, M., and Skea. J. 2011

The way we live from now on: Lifestyle and energy consumption

Eyre N., Anable J., Brand C., Layberry R., and Strachan, N. 2011

A resilient energy system

Skea, J., Chaudry, M., Ekins, P., Kannan, R., Shakoor, A. and Wang, X. 2011


Skea, J., Ekins. P., and Winskel, M. 2011

UK energy in an uncertain world

Strachan N. and J. Skea 2011

Hydrogen system modelling

Balta-Ozkan, N. and Strachan, N. 2010

Making Reform Happen in Environmental Policy’

Ekins, P., and Salmons, R. 2010

Conclusion: Europes Lessons from Carbon-Energy Taxation

Ekins, P. 2009

Carbon Taxes and Emissions Trading: Issues and Interactions

Ekins, P. 2009

The Rationale for and Economic Implications of Dematerialisation

Ekins, P. 2009

The Structure and Use of the UK MARKAL Model

Kannan, R, Ekins, P and Strachan, N. 2009

Innovation in Energy Systems: Learning from Economic, Institutional and Management Approaches

Foxon, T 2008

Mitigation from a Cross-sectoral perspective

Barker, T. and Bashmakov, I. 2007

Environmental Implications

Osborn, D, Fowler, D.F. and Cox, P. 2006

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change by Inducing Technological Progress: Scenarios Using a Large-scale econometric model

Barker, T., Pan, H., Köhler, J., Warren, R., and Winne, S. 2005

Conference Paper

Unpacking energy security

Bouzarovski, S 2012

The scalar politics of energy restructuring in Eastern and Central Europe

Bouzarovski, S 2012

Energy security and the EU: The contradictory materialities of multi-level hydrocarbon governance

Bouzarovski, S 2012

Producing territorial dissensus: The new geographies of energy security

Bouzarovski, S 2012

Global Gas Debate

Bradshaw, M 2012

The Sakhalin Oil and Gas Projects: Lessons for Arctic Development

Bradshaw, M 2012

A Supply Chain Approach to Gas Security

Bradshaw, M 2012

Workshop on the Geopolitics of Energy Security

Bradshaw, M 2012

The Territorialities of Liquified Natural Gas

Bridge G 2012

TIAM-UCL - Achieving 2DC by 2100

Dessens, O., Anandarajah, G., Daly, H 2012

Development of the UK TIMES model: learning the lessons of the past

Dodds, P 2012

The Geopolitical & Security Implications of Global Unconventional Gas Development for Scotland and the UK

Dutton J 2012

EU gas infrastructure and decarbonisation: the path to 2050

Dutton, J 2012

Challenges to Sustaining the Shale Gas Revolution

Dutton J 2012

Energy, Carbon and Climate Change

Strachan N 2012

Can energy efficiency policies deliver carbon reductions? Evidence from macro-economic modelling.

Barker, T.S. and Foxon, T.J. 2006

Overview of UK Energy and Carbon Scenarios

Hughes, N. 2006

Incorporating Behavioural Responses within a Technology Optimisation Energy Model

Kannan, R. and Strachan, N. 2006

Modelling Long-Term Carbon Abatement Scenarios with UK MARKAL

Strachan, N. and Kannan, R. 2006

UKERC Research Report

How Local Authorities can encourage citizen participation in energy transitions. An Energy-PIECES report.

Haf, S. and Robison, R. 2020

Accelerating innovation towards net zero emissions

Kazaglis, A., Tam, A., Eis, J., Watson, J., Hughes, N., Gross, R. and Hanna, R. 2019

Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems:Highlights from Early Findings

Tingey, M., Webb, J., and Hawkey, D. 2017

The UK's Global Gas Challenge

Bradshaw, M., Bridge. G., Bouzarovski, S., Watson, J. and Dutton, J. 2014

A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future? Modelling the Long-Term Global Potential of Natural Gas

McGlade, C., Bradshaw, M., Anandarajah, G., Watson, J. and Ekins, P. 2014

The UK energy system in 2050: Comparing Low-Carbon, Resilient Scenarios

Ekins. P., Keppo. I., Skea. J., Strachan. N., Usher. W and Anandarajah. G. 2013

Carbon Capture and Storage Realising the potential ? (Research Report)

Watson. J., Kern, F., Gross. M., Gross. R., Heptonstall. P., Jones. F., Haszeldine. S., Ascui. F., Chalmers. H., Ghaleigh. N., Gibbins. J,, Markusson. N., Marsden. W., Rossati. D., Russell. S., Winskel. M., Pearson. P. and Arapostathis. S 2012

Building a Resilient UK Energy System - Research Report

Chaudry, M, Ekins, P, Kannan,R, Shakoor, A, Skea, J, Strbac, G, Wang, X., and Whitaker, J 2011

Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy: Energy Systems Modelling - UKERC Energy 2050 Research Report 1

Anandarajah, G., Strachan, N., Ekins, P., Kannan, R. and Hughes, N. 2009

Accelerated technology development for selected bio-energy chains and technologies in the UK.

Clarke, D, Jablonski, S, Moran, B, Anandarajah, G. and Taylor, G. 2009

Decarbonising the UK Energy System: Accelerated Development of Low Carbon Energy Supply Technologies

Winskel, W, Markusson, N, Moran, B, Jeffrey, H, Anandarajah, G, Hughes, N, Candelise, C, Clarke, D, Taylor, G, Chalmers, H, Dutton, G, Howarth, P, Jablonski, S, Kalyvas, C. and Ward, D. 2009

The Macroeconomic Rebound Effect and the UK Economy

Barker, Terry and Foxon, Tim 2008

Scenarios and Sensitivities on Long-term UK Carbon Reductions using the UK MARKAL and MARKAL-Macro Energy System Models

Strachan, Neil and Kannan, Ramachandran 2007

Final report on DTI-DEFRA scenarios and sensitivities, using the UK MARKAL and MARKAL-MACRO system models

Strachan. N,, Kannan. R. and Pye. S 2007

UKERC Working Paper

Models of governance for energy infrastructure

Lowes, R. and Woodman, B. 2020

The economic and energy impacts of a UK export shock: comparing alternative modelling approaches

Allan, G., Barrett, J., Brockway, P., Sakai, M., Hardt, L., McGregor, P.G., Ross, A.G., Roy, G., Swales, K. and Turner, K. 2019

Transport Energy Air pollution Model (TEAM): Methodology Guide

Brand, C., Anable, J., Philips, I. and Morton, C. 2019

Transport Energy Air pollution Model (TEAM): Methodology Guide - Appendices

Brand, C., Anable, J., Philips, I. and Morton, C. 2019

UKERC Energy Supply Theme - Synthesis Report

Chaudry. M., Bagdanavicius. A., Thomas. L.,Sansom. R., Calderon. J.O., Jenkins. N. and Strbac. G 2014

UKERC Energy Systems Theme: Reflecting on Scenarios (Working Paper)

McDowall, W., Trutnevyte, E., Tomei, J., and Keppo, I. 2014

An investigation into future energy system risks: An industry perspective

Prpich, G., Darabkhani, H.G., Oakey, J. and Pollard, S. 2014

Carbon Capture and Storage: Realising the Potential? Pathways and branching points for CCS to 2030 Work Package 3, Task 6 Working Paper

Heptonstall, P., Markusson, N., and Chalmers, H. 2012

Building a Resilient UK Energy System - Working Paper

Chaudry, M, Ekins,P, Kannan, R, Shakoor, A, Skea,J, Strbac,G, Wang, X and Whitaker, J 2009

Review and Analysis of UK and International Low Carbon Energy Scenarios

Hughes, N., Mers, J. and Strachan, N. 2009

Global energy markets

Skea, J. and Strachan, N. 2009

Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy: Energy Systems Modelling - working paper

Anandarajah, G, Strachan, N, Ekins, P, Kannan. and Hughes, N. 2008

The Domestic Energy: Sub-Model in MDM-E3

Barker, T. and Jenkins K. 2007

Final Report on DTI-DEFRA Scenarios and Sensitivities using the UK MARKAL and MARKAL-Macro Energy System Models

Strachan. N, Kannan. R. and Pye. S 2007

Exploring scenarios of socio-environmental acceptance of future low carbon energy portfolios

Howard, D, Moran, B, Hughes, N. and Clarke, D. 2006


Strachan, Neil, Kannan, Ramachandran and Ozkan, Nazmiye 2006


Strachan, N, Ozkan, N, Dresner, S, Joffe, D, Taylor, P, Greenleaf, J and Pye, S 2006

Workshop Report

Achieving a sustainable low-carbon society - symposium and workshop

UKERC 2007

Innovation in energy systems: Learning from economic, institutional and management approaches

Foxon, T.J, Kohler, J. and Neuhoff, K. 2006

Summary of the UKERC-USEPA research hotel on MARKAL systems modelling

UKERC 2006

1st Energy Systems Modelling Theme (ESMT) Workshop: Transport

Ekins,P, Taylor, P, Kohler, J, Page, M, Titheridge, H. and Strachan, N. 2005

Workshop on modelling future energy technology cost and choice

Strachan, N. and Ozkan, N. 2005

Summary of the IEA Energy Technology Systems analysis programme(ETSAP) 2005 Meeting

Tosato G, Keay-Bright, S, Taylor, P. and Strachan, N. 2005

Consultation Response

Environmental and Eco-innovation: Concepts, Evidence and Policies

Ekins, P. and Salmons, R. 2010

Policy Briefing Paper

Review of UK Energy Policy

Watson, J., Ekins, P., Wright, L., Eyre, N., Bell, K., Darby, S., Bradshaw, M., Webb, J., Gross, R., Anable, J., Brand, C., Chilvers, J., and Pidgeon, N. 2016

Low-carbon, resilient scenarios for the UK energy system in 2050

Ekins. P., Keppo. I., Skea. J., Strachan. N., Usher. W. and Anandarajah. G. 2013

Carbon Capture and Storage: Analysing uncertainty

Morgan, N. 2012