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Journal Article

UK microgeneration. Part II: technology overviews.

Staffell, I., Baker, P., Barton, J.P., Bergman, N., Blanchard, R., Brandon N.P., Brett, D.J.L et al. 2010

A review of microgeneration in the united kingdom. part I: Policy and behavioural aspects

Bergman, N, Hawkes, A.D, Brett, D.J.L, et al. 2009

How Can Accelerated Development of Bioenergy Contribute to the Future UK Energy Mix? Insights from MARKAL Modelling Exercise

Clarke, D, Jablonski, S, Moran, B, Anandarajah, G. and Taylor, G. 2009

Solubility trapping in formation water as Co2 sink in natural gas fields

Gilfiiian, J.S, Sherwood-Lollar, B, Holland, G, Blagburn, D, Stevens, S, Schoell, M, Cassidy, M, Ding, Z, Zhou, Z, Lacrampe-Couloume, G. and Ballentine, C. 2009

Techno-economic design evaluations for fuel cell micro-CHP. Part I: model formation

Hawkes, A.D. Brett, D.J.L. and Brandon, N.P. 2009

Techno-economic design evaluation for fuel cell micro-CHP. Part II: model application to consider degradation.

Hawkes, A.D. Brett, D.J.L. and Brandon, N.P. 2009

On policy instruments for support of micro combined heat and power

Hawkes, A.D. and Leach, M.A. 2009

Fuel cell micro-CHP

Hawkes, A.D, Staffell, I, Brett, D.J.L. and Brandon, N.P. 2009

Long-term performance of a mudrock seal in natural CO2 storage

Lu, J.J, Wilkinson, M, Haszeldine, S. and Fallick, A 2009

Identifying potential environmental impacts of large-scale deployment of dedicated bioenergy crops in the UK.

Rowe, R.L., Street, N.R. and Taylor, G. 2009

UKERC bioenergy-current activity

Taylor, G. 2008

Future atmospheric CO2 leads to delayed autumnal senescence

Taylor, G, Tallis, M.J, Giardina, C.P, Percy, K.E, Miglietta, F, Gupta, P.S, Gioli, B, Calfapietra, C, Gielen, B, Kubiske, M.E, Scarascia-Mugnozza, G.E, Kets, K, Long, S.P. and Karnosky, D.F. 2008

Plumbing the depths - testing natural tracers of subsurface CO2 origin and migration

Wilkinson, M, Gilfillan, S.M.V. Haszeldine, R.S. and Ballentine, C.J. 2008

Yield and spatial supply of bioenergy poplar and willow short rotation coppice in the UK

Aylott, M.J, Casella, E, Tubby, I, Street, N.R, Smith, P. and Taylor, G. 2007

Development of a linear test rig for electrical power take off from waves

Baker, N.J., Mueller, M.A., Ran, L., Tavner, P.J., and McDonald, S. 2007

Macroeconomic effects of efficiency policies for energy-intensive industries: the case of the UK climate change agreements, 2000-2010.

Barker, T, Ekins, P, Foxon, T. 2007

CO2 storage capacity estimation: issues and development of standards.

Bradshaw, J, Bachu, B, Bonijoly, D, Burruss, R. Holloway, S, Christensen, N-P. and Mathiasen, O-M. 2007

Bury it deep

Haszeldine, R.S. 2007

Carbon dioxide capture and geological storage

Holloway, S. 2007

New Lessons for Technology Policy and Climate Change: Investment for Innovation

Kohler, J., Barker, T., Pan, H., Angolucci, P., Ekins,P., Foxon, T., Anderson, D., Winne, S., Dewick, P., Miozzo, M. and Green, K. 2007

QTL for yield in bioenergy Populus. Identifying G x E interactions influencing growth at three contrasting sites

Rae, A.M, Pinel, M.P.C, Bastien, C, Sabatti, M, Street, N.R, Tucker, J, Dixon, C, Marron, N, Dillen, S.Y. and Taylor, G 2007

Marine energy innovation in the UK energy system: financial capital, social capital and interactive learning

Winskel, M. 2007

A review of natural CO2 occurrences and their relevance to CO2 storage

Holloway, S, Pearce, J.M, Hards, V.L. and Ohsumi, T. 2006

top-down and bottom-up estimates of CO2 storage capacity in the UK sector of the southern North Sea Basin

Holloway, S, Vincent, C.J, Bentham, K. and Kirk, L. 2006

UK involvement in advanced reactor systems research

Howarth, P.J.A. and Abram, T.J. 2006

Objectives and applications of a statistical environmental stratification of Europe

Jongman, S, Bunce, R.H.G, Metzger, R.G.H, Mucher, M.J, Howard, D.C. and Mateus, V.L. 2006

Woody biomass production during second rotation of a bioenergy Populus plantation increases in a future high CO2 world.

Liberloo. M., Calfapietra. C., Lukac. M., Godbold. D., Lou. Z-B., Polle. A., Hoosbeck. Ms., Kul.l O., Marek. M., Raines. C., Taylor. G., Scarascia-Mugnozza. G., Ceulemans. R. 2006

Energy Crops: current Status and Future Prospects

Sims REH, Hastings Schlamadinger AB, Taylor G and Smith P 2006

Energy Crops: Current Status and Future Prospects

Sims, REH, Hastings Schlamadinger, AB, Taylor, G. and Smith, P. 2006

The Genetics and Genomics of Drought Response in Populus

Street Nr Skogstrom, O, Sjodin, A, Tucker, J, Rodriguez-Acosta, M, Nilsson, P, Jansson, S. and Taylor, G. 2006

Energy Policy and Institutional Context: Marine Energy Innovation Systems

Winskel, M, McLeod, A, Wallace, R. and Williams, R. 2006

Natural geochemical analogues for carbon dioxide storage and sequestration in deep geological porous reservoirs

Haszeldine, R.S., Quinn, O., England, G., Wilkinson, M., Shipton, Z.K., Evans, J.P., Heath, J., Crossey, L., Ballentine, C.J. and Graham, C.M. 2005


Renewable Energy in Power Systems

Freris, L and Infield, D. 2008

Book Chapter

A Regional Integrated Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside Case Study

Gough, C, Bentham, M, Shackley, S. and Holloway, S. 2006

Underground storage of Carbon Dioxide

Holloway, S, Bentham, M, Kirk, K. and Angel, M. 2006

Carbon Dioxide Transport and Storage

Holloway, S, Karimjee, A, Akai, M, Pipatti, R. and Rypdal, K. 2006

A Regional Integrated Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Northwest of England Case Study

Shackley, S, Kirk, K, McLachlan, C, Gough, C. and Holloway, S. 2006

Wave Energy

Thorpe, T. and Wallace, A.R. 2006

Underground Geological Storage

Benson, S.L, Cook, P.J, Anderson, J, Bachu, S, Nimir, B, Basu, B, Bradshaw, J, Deguchi, G, Gale, J, von Goerne, G, Heidug, W, Holloway, S, Kamal, R, Keith, D, Lloyd, P, Rocha, P, Senior, W, Thomson, T, Torp, T, Wildenborg, A, Wilson, M, Zarleng, F 2005

UKERC Working Paper

Life cycle assessment in the bioenergy sector: developing a systematic review

Rowe, R, Whitaker, J, Chapman, J, Howard, D and Taylor, G 2008

Technology Change and Energy Systems: Learning Pathways for Future Sources of Energy

Winskel, M., Markusson, N., Jeffrey, H., Jablonski, S., Candelise, C., Ward, D. and Howarth, P. 2008

Workshop to Develop a Bioenergy Research Roadmap for the UK

Taylor, Gail 2007

Developing a Bioenergy Roadmap for the UK

Taylor, Gail 2007

Existing Marine Renewable Energy Road-maps

Mueller, M. 2006

A Road-Map for Marine Renewable Energy Research In The UK

Mueller, M. and Wallace, R. 2006

Workshop Report

Carbon capture and storage: Sustainability in the UK energy mix

Haszeldine, S, Gilfillan, S. and Wilkinson, M. 2006

Future Economics and Markets for Hydrogen Applications and Infrastructure

UKERC 2006

EMEC/UKERC Workshop: Environmental Impacts and Monitoring of Marine Energy Conversion Devices

Norris, J. and Mueller, M. 2005

UKERC Marine Network Meeting

UKERC 2005