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Journal Article

Ionic conductors feel the strain

Kilner, J.A. 2009

Defects and conductivity in ceria-based oxides

Kilner, J.A. 2009

Performance of solid oxide electrolysis cells based on scandia stabilised zirconia

Laguna-Bercero, M.A, Skinner, S.J, Kilner, J.A. 2009

Oxygen diffusion in Sr0.75Y0.25CoO2.625: A molecular dynamics study

Rupasov, D, Chroneos, A, Parfitt, D, Kilner, J.A, Grimes, R.W, Istomin, S.Ya. and Antipov, E.V. 2009

Predicted structure and stability of A4B3O12 -phase compositions

Stanek, C.R, Jianf, C, Uberuaga, B.P, Sickafus, K.E, Cleave, A.R. and Grimes, R.W. 2009

The effect of the poly(3-hexylthiophene)molecular weight on charge transport and the performaance of polymer:fullerene solar cells

Ballantyne, A.M, Chen, L, Dane, J, Hammant, T, Braun, F.M, Heeney, M, Duffy, W, McCulloch, I, Bradley, D.D.C. and Nelson J. 2008

Structure and transport in rare-earth ferrates

Berenov, A, Angeles, E, Rossiny, J, Raj, E, Kilner, J.A. and Atkinson, A. 2008

Intermediate temperture solid oxide fuel cells

Brett, D.J.L, Atkinson, A, Brandon, N, P. and Skinner, S.J. 2008

Anisotropic oxygen diffusion properties in epitaxial thin films of La2Ni04+delta

Burriel, M, Garcia, G, Santiso, J, Kilner, J.A, Richard, J.C.C. and Skinner, S.J. 2008

Atomistic computer simulation of oxygen ion conduction mechanisms La2NiO4

Cleave, A.R, Kilner, J.A, Skinner, S.J, Murphy, S.T. and Grimes, R.W. 2008

Tetravalent Silicon Connectors MenSi(p-C6H4CO2H)4-n (n = 0, 1, 2) for the Construction of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Davies, R.P, Less. R.J, Lickiss, P.D, Robertson, K. and White, A.J.P. 2008

SIMS artifacts in the near surface depths profiling of oxygen conducting ceramics

Fearn, S, Rossiny, J. and Kilner, J.A. 2008

Transition metal complexes of Cubic (T8) Oligo-Silsequioxanes

Goodgame, D.M.L, Kealey, S, Lickiss, P.D. and White, A.J.P. 2008

Yttrium-doped barium zirconates as ceramic conductors in the intermediate temperature range

Higgins, S, Sammes, N.M, Smirnova, A, Kilner, J.A. and Tompsett, G. 2008

TEM and impedance spectroscopy of doped ceria electrolytes

Jasper, A., Kilner, J.A. and McComb, D.W. 2008

Zero point fluctuations in naphthalene and their effect on charge transport parameters

Kwiatkowski, J.J, Frost, J.M, Kirkpatrick, J. and Nelson, J. 2008

The effect of morphology on electron field-effect mobility in disordered C60 thin-films

Kwiatkowski, J.J, Frost, J.M. and Nelson, J. 2008

Novel electrode materials for solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers - Presentation

Laguna-Bercero, M.L, Skinner, S, J. and Kilner, J.A 2008

Fully Condensed Polyhedral Oligosilsesquioxanes (POSS): From Synthesis to Application

Lickiss. P.D. and Rataboul. F. 2008

Prediction of the functional properties of ceramic materials from compositions using artificial neural networks

Scott, D.J, Coveney, P.V, Kilner, J.A, Rossiny, J.C.H. and Alford, N.M.N. 2008

Functional ceramic materials database: An online resource for materials research

Scott, D.J, Manos, S, Coveney, P.V, Rossiny, J.C.H, Fearn, S, Kilner, J.A, Pullar, R.C, Alford, N.M.N, Axelsson, A.K, Zhang, Y, Chen, L, yang, S, Evans, J.R.G. and Sebastian, M.T. 2008

The synthesis and sintering behaviour of BaZr0.9Y0.1O3δ powders by spray pyrolysis

Stuart, P.A, Unno, T, Ayres-Rocha, R, Djurado, E. and Skinner, S.J. 2008

Solid oxide proton conducting steam electrolysers

Stuart, P.A., Unno, T., Kilner, J.A., Skinner, S.J. 2008

Solid oxide proton conducting steam electrolysers

Stuart, P.A, Unno, T, Kilner, J.A. and Skinner, S.J. 2008

Mechanism of photocatalytic water splitting in TiO2. Recreation of water with photoholes, importance of charge carrier dynamics

Tang, J, Durrant, J.R. and Klug, D.R. 2008

Impedance studies of cathode/electrolyte behaviour in SOFC

Vladikova, D.E., Stoynov, Z.B, Barbucci, A, Viviani, M, Carpanese, P, Kilner, J.A, Skinner, S.J, Rudkin, R. 2008

Accurate Gas-Phase Experimental Structures of Octa-Silsesquioxanes (Si8O12X8; X = H, Me)

Wann, D.A, Less, R.J, Rataboul, F, McCaffrey, P.D, Reilly, A.M, Robertson, H.E, Lickiss, P.D. and Rankin, D.W.H. 2008

Framework materials assembled from magnesium carboxylate building units

Davies, R.P, Less, R.J, Lickiss, P.D and White, A.J.P. 2007

Patterning of organic devices by interlayer lithography

Huang, J. Xia, R, Kim, Y, Wang, X, Dane, J, Hofmann, O, Mosley, A, De Mello, A.J, De Mello, J.C. and Bradley D.D.C. 2007

Optimisation of oxygen ion transport in materials for ceramic membrane devices

Kilner, J.A. 2007

Characterisation of combinatorial libraries of perovskite materials for SOFC cathode applications

Rossiny J., Fearn S., Kilner, J.A., Zhang Y., Chen L., Yang S., Evans JR., Zhang T., Yates K. and Cohen LF 2007

Layered perovskites as promising cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Tarancon A, Skinner, S, Chater, R.J. and Kilner, J. 2007

Oxygen permeation in bismuth-based materials. Part II: Characterisation of oxygen transfer in bismuth erbium oxide and bismuth calcium oxide ceramic

Capoen, E., Nowogrocki, G., Chater, RJ., Skinner, SJ., Kilner, JA., Malys, M., Boivin, JC., Mairesse, G., and Vannier, RN. 2006

Solid oxide fuel cells - a challenge for materials chemists ?

Lashtabeg, A, Skinner, S 2006

Plasticity of growth and sylleptic branchiness in two poplar families grown in three sites across Europe

Marron, N, Bastien, C, Sabatti, M., Taylor, G., and Ceulemans, R., 2006

Differential impedance analysis of single crystal and polycrystalline yttria stabilised zirconia.

Vladikova, D, Kilner, J.A, Skinner, S.J, et al 2006

Evidence for the microwave effect during hybrid sintering

Wang, J, Binner, J, Vaidhyanathan, B. et al 2006

Book Chapter

Advanced inorganic materials for solid oxide fuel cells

Skinner, S.J. and Laguna-Bercero, M. 2009

Organic donor-acceptor heterojunction solar cells

Benson-Smith, J and Nelson, J. 2008