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Journal Article

The dynamics of solar PV costs and prices as a challenge for technology forecasting

Candelise, C., Winskel, M. and Gross, R. 2013

The structure of uncertainty in future low carbon pathways

Hughes N., R. Gross and N. Strachan 2013

Accelerating the development of marine energy: Exploring the prospects, benefits and challenges

Jeffrey, H., Jay, B. and Winskel, M. 2013

Methods of estimating shale gas resources - Comparison, evaluation and implications

McGlade, C. Speirs, J. and Sorrell, S. 2013

Learning pathways for energy supply technologies: Bridging between innovation studies and learning rates

Winskel, M., Markusson, N., Jeffrey, H., Candelise, C., Dutton, G., Howarth, P., Jablonski, S., Kalyvas, C. and Ward, D. 2013

Implications for CdTe and CIGS technologies production costs of indium and tellurium scarcity

Candelise, C., Winskel, M. and Gross, R. 2012

Research and evidence needs for decarbonisation in the built environment: a UK case study

Skea, J 2012

The hesitant emergence of low carbon technologies in the UK: the micro-CHP innovation system

Hudson, Winskel, Allen 2011

Policies and practices for a low-carbon society

Skea, J and Nishioka, S 2008


New Challenges in energy Security - The UK in a Multipolar World

Mitchell, C., Watson, J. and Whiting, J. 2013

Energy 2050: Making the Transition to a Secure Low Carbon Energy System

Skea J, Ekins P and Winskel M 2011

Book Chapter

Carbon Capture and Storage: A Disruptive Innovation for Innovation Theory

Winskel, M. 2012

A Change of Scale? Prospects for Distributed Energy Resources

Hawkes, A, Bergman, N, Jardine, C, Staffell,I, Brett, D, and Brandon, N 2011

Not Just Climate Change: Other Social and Environmental Perspectives

Howard, D, Jay, B, Whitaker, J, Talbot, J, Hughes,N and Winskel, M 2011

Energy Futures: The Challenges of Decarbonization and Security of Supply

Skea, J, Anandarajah, G, Chaudry, M, Shakoor, A, Strachan, N, Wang, X and Whitaker, J 2011

UK Energy in an Era of Globalization: Trends, Technologies and Environmental Impacts

Skea, J, Wang, X., and Winskel, M 2011

Accelerating the Development of Energy Supply Technologies: The Role of Research and Innovation

Winskel, M, Anandarajah, G, Skea, J and Jay, B 2011

Conference Paper

The UK Energy Innovation System: A review and a commentary

Winskel. M., Radcliffe.J., Skea. J., and Wang. X. 2012

UKERC Research Report

Biomass, afforestation and energy demand reduction: trade-offs in the route to decarbonisation

Cronin, J., Pye, S., Price, J. and Butnar, I. 2020

Disrupting the UK energy system: causes, impacts and policy implications

Ketsopoulou, I., Taylor, P., Wtason, J., Winskel, M., Kattirtzi, M., Lowes, R., Woodman, B., Poulter, H., Brand, C., Killip, G., Anable, J., Owen, A., Hanna, R., Gross, R. and Lockwood, M. 2019

Power Shift: How to build Gender Balance in the Energy Research Portfolio

Smith, J., Britton, J. and Cieszewska, B. 2019

Fairness in Retail Energy Markets? Evidence from the UK

Deller, D., Waddams, C., Errington, E., Fletcher, A., Hargreaves, T., Harker, M, Longhurst, N., Reader, D. and Turner, G. 2018

UK Energy in a Global Context - Synthesis Report

Ekins, P. and Watson, J. (eds.) 2014

UK Energy in a Global Context

Ekins. P., Watson. J., Bradshaw. M., Butler. C., Demski. C., Eyre. N., Gross.R., Holland. R., McGlade. C., Mitchell. C., Parkhill. K., Pidgeon. N., Skea. J. and Spence. A. 2014

UK Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties - Synthesis Report

Watson, J., Gross, R., Ketsopoulou, I. and Winskel, M. 2014

Climate change and energy security: Assessing the impact of information and its delivery on attitudes and behaviour

Happer, C., Philo, G. and Froggatt, A. 2012

A review of regional and global estimates of unconventional gas resources - A report to the Energy Security Unit of the Joint Research Centre of the European commission

McGlade, C, Speirs, J,and Sorrell, S 2012

Carbon Capture and Storage Realising the potential ? (Research Report)

Watson. J., Kern, F., Gross. M., Gross. R., Heptonstall. P., Jones. F., Haszeldine. S., Ascui. F., Chalmers. H., Ghaleigh. N., Gibbins. J,, Markusson. N., Marsden. W., Rossati. D., Russell. S., Winskel. M., Pearson. P. and Arapostathis. S 2012

Making the transition to a secure and low-carbon energy system: synthesis report - UKERC 2050 project

Skea. J, and Ekins. P 2009

UKERC Working Paper

The Evolution of Community Energy in the UK

Braunholtz-Speight, T., Mander, S., Hannon, M., Hardy, J., McLachlan, C., Manderson, E. and Sharmina, M. 2018

Policy Pathways to Justice in Energy Efficiency

Snell, C., Bevan, M., Gillard, R., Wade, J. and Greer, K. 2018

The impacts of non-energy policies on the energy system: a scoping paper

Cox, E., Rostston, S. and Selby, J. 2016

The governance of retail energy market services in the UK: A framework for the future

Eyre, N. and Lockwood, M. 2016

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Supply Side Change: Technology Assessment - Methods and Uncertainty

Blyth, W., McCarthy, R. and Gross, R. 2014

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Financing the Power Sector - Is the Money Available?

Blyth, W., McCarthy, R. and Gross, R. 2014

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties : Public Values for Energy Futures: Framing, Indeterminacy and Policy Making

Butler, C., Demski, C., Parkhill, K., Pidgeon, N. and Spence, A. 2014

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Uncertainties in UK heat infrastructure development

Chaudry, M., Abeysekera, M., Hosseini, S.H.R., Wu, J., and Jenkins N. 2014

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Identifying techniques for managing uncertainty in the energy sector

Davies, G., Prpich, G., Strachan, N. and Pollard, S. 2014

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Interactions between the Energy System, Ecosystems Services and Natural Capital

Dockerty, T., Dockerty, T., Lovett, A., Papathanasopoulou, E., Beaumont, N., Wang, S. and Smith, P. 2014

Uncertainties in Energy Demand in Residential Heating (Working Paper)

Eyre, N. and Baruah, P. 2014

UKERC Energy strategy Under Uncertainties : Perceived Uncertainty in the Demand for Electric Vehicles: A qualitative assessment (Working Paper)

Morton, C., Anable, J. and Brand, C. 2014

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties : Policy Making under Uncertainty in the Demand for Electric Vehicles (Working Paper)

Morton, C., Anable, J. and Brand, C. 2014

Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: An Integrated Systematic Analysis of Uncertainties in UK Energy Transition Pathways

Pye, S., Sabio, N. and Strachan, N. 2014

UKERC Interdisciplinary Review - Survey Results (Working Paper)

Winskel, M. and Ketsopoulou, I. 2014

UKERC Interdisciplinary Review - Synthesis Report (Working Paper)

Winskel, M., Ketsopoulou, I. and Churchouse, T. 2014

Carbon Capture and Storage: Realising the Potential? Pathways and branching points for CCS to 2030 Work Package 3, Task 6 Working Paper

Heptonstall, P., Markusson, N., and Chalmers, H. 2012

Workshop Report

UKERC Research Fund - Round 3 Workshop Report

Ketsopoulou, I. 2016

Breaking the Deadlock in Climate Change Communication. 12 March 2014, Church House Conference Centre, Meeting Report

Buchs, M. 2014

Governance: Challenges and Solutions for a Sustainable, Secure and Affordable British Energy System - Meeting Report

Cooper. T., James. R. and Gardner. S. 2012

Policy Briefing Paper

The Impact of Brexit on the UK and Devolved Energy System

Cairney, P., Munro, F., McHarg, A., McEwen, N., Turner, K. and Katris, A. 2019

Paying for energy transitions: public perspectives and acceptability

Demski, C., Pidgeon, N., Evensen, D. and Becker, S. 2019

Justice in Energy Efficiency: a focus on fuel poor disabled people and families

Snell, C. and Bevan, M. 2018

Supporting fuel poor disabled people through energy efficiency measures - Practioner Guide

Snell, C. and Bevan, M. 2018

Supporting fuel poor families through energy efficiency measures - Practioner guide

Snell, C. and Bevan, M. 2018

Review of UK Energy Policy

Watson, J., Ekins, P., Wright, L., Eyre, N., Bell, K., Darby, S., Bradshaw, M., Webb, J., Gross, R., Anable, J., Brand, C., Chilvers, J., and Pidgeon, N. 2016

Carbon Capture and Storage: Analysing uncertainty

Morgan, N. 2012