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Professor S Au, Engineering (Level 1),University of Liverpool
Dr F F Auat Cheein, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Professor C Augarde, Engineering,Durham University
Dr D J Auger, School of Engineering,Cranfield University
Dr M Auinger, Warwick Manufacturing Group,University of Warwick
Dr G Aujla, Computer Scienc,Durham University
Prof GA (Graham) Ault, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University of Strathclyde
Dr MT Aung, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University of Bath
Prof MC (Melanie) Austen, Plymouth Marine Lab,Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
Professor J Austin, Computer Science,University of York
Dr MJ Austin, School of Ocean Sciences,Bangor University
Dr WEN Austin, Geography and Geosciences,University of St Andrews
Professor E Autio, Business School,Imperial College London
Dr DH (David) Auty, Hydrogen Solar Ltd
Prof RM (Rick) Auty, Management School,Lancaster University