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ENERGY EFFICIENCY Section 8 UK Participation in EU Activities
 Author  Prof Geoff Hammond
University of Bath
 Last Updated  14 May 2009
 Status  Peer reviewed document
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Table 8.1: EU Framework Programmes

CORDIS is an information space devoted to European research and development (R&D) and innovation activities. Research activities that are currently being undertaken are under Framework Programme 7 (FP7).

IST concentrates on the communications industry and moving forward with new communication systems. New Production and Processes Devices, is closely related to industry as it looking into life cycle optimisation in processes. The outputs from this area could feed directly into the research being undertaken in industry energy demand reduction.

Aside from the EU Framework Programmes, COST is a European wide support scheme set up by a Ministerial conference in 1971 to encourage co-operation in Science and Technology. Present areas that are relevant to industry which are supported included Agriculture, Food Science & Biotechnology, Environment, Forestry and Forestry Products, Material, and Telecommunications & Information Science Technologies.

Within COST there are now 34 participating countries including the 25 Member States of the European Community. COST supports the co-ordination and networking of existing research and activities of public value. COST does not fund research.

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Table 8.1: EU Framework Programmes

 Project  Objectives  Action Line  Type of Action  UK Participants  Co-ordinator and Partners  Total Funding  EU Funding  Duration  Annual Spend
THATEA: Thermoacoustic technology for energy applications The objective of the THATEA project is to advance the science and technology behind the thermoacoustic energy conversion processes to such a level that would enable reaching conversion efficiencies at which the application of the technology becomes economically attractive. Thermoacoustic energy conversion is a generic cross-cutting energy technology that can be applied in a vast number of applications, requiring heating, cooling, or power both in industry and build environment. FP7: ENERGY.2008.10.1.1 Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Collaborative project (generic) The University of Manchester Stichting Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland, Netherlands

7 partners
€2.21m €1.49m 2009-01-01 to 2011-12-31

36 months
New Production Processes and Devices Flexible and intelligent production processes and systems using advances in virtual production technologies, decision-aiding interactive systems, high-precision engineering and innovative robotics; Systemic research (including on biological processes) for sustainable waste management, risk control, reduced consumption of basic products and less pollution; Concepts for life cycle optimisation of industrial systems, products and services, in particular with a view to eco-efficiency and reduced emission of substances which are harmful to the environment FP6 Nanotechnologies, Materials and Processes DTI
€ 1300m 4 years
CONRAD: Development and demonstration of a gas-fired recuperative confined radiant burner The main objectives of the project are: Improve efficiency and competitiveness of industrial processes in EU; Reduce the energy consumption and emissions of harmful compounds from industry. FP5: Economic and Efficient Energy for a Competitive Europe, Efficient cross-sectoral technologies and better managed industrial processes Cost sharing contracts PED Technologies Ltd Danish Gas Technology Centre A/S

8 partners
€2.62m €1.22m 2000-04-01 to 2002-09-30

30 months
DIFFANSTEEL: Production of energy saving high silicon electrical steel by hot dip coating and diffusion annealing The objective of this project is to utilise these novel technologies to develop an economic integrated manufacturing route for high silicon steel laminations incorporating:
  • selective alloying by the preferential diffusion of Si from a Si rich coating applied to conventional low silicon steel strip;
  • to develop rapid heating techniques for the new materials;
  • to specifically develop a novel rapid surface finishing procedure, patented for stainless steel, for these new materials;
  • to devise a lamination cutting process for the brittle high silicon steels;
  • to produces energy-saving motor and transformer designs that can exploit the new materials;
  • to assess the potential markets.
FP5: Economic and Efficient Energy for a Competitive Europe Cost sharing contracts Cogent Power Ltd,
C-Tech Innovation Limited
C-Tech Innovation Limited

6 partners
€2.15m €1.35m 2002-11-01 to 2005-10-31

36 months
WREED: Development of an energy efficient to reduce the cost of drying food and food waste The overall objective of the project is to develop a non-pressure steaming approach, with a man metric sealing method for continuous production with features for maximised energy efficiency. FP5: Economic and Efficient Energy for a Competitive Europe Cooperative research contracts Production Engineering Research Association
Echo Food Systems Ltd.
Ceramic Drying Systems Ltd.
Ceramic Drying Systems Ltd.

7 partners
€1.45m €0.73m 2001-11-01 to 2004-02-01

27 months
EASY2COOL: A cost-effective and energy-saving cooling system to allow high quality preservation of fresh and frozen foodstuff during transportation Not available FP5: Assuring electric power flow reliability and stability and increasing power line efficiency No contract type Nutrifreeze LTDI
Ewes Fayre
Pacaro Export Import SRL

9 partners
€1.4m €0.7m 2003-05-01 to 2005-04-30

24 months
AHEAD: Development and integration of advanced heat exchangers and process control for high energy efficient distillation column This project is dedicated to the improvement of distillation processes. The objective will be reached by developing and adopting high-energy efficient heat exchangers and by developing dynamic process control. FP5: Economic and Efficient Energy for a Competitive Europe, Efficient cross-sectoral technologies and better managed industrial processes Cost sharing contracts University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Cal Gavin Ltd
Commissariat à l Energie Atomique

8 partners
€1.35m €0.84m 2000-02-01 to 2003-01-31

36 months
WARMIT: Development of simple, low cost heat recovery technology to help sme suppliers differentiate themselves by adding value to eco-efficient product The overall objective of our work is to provide the European community of SME suppliers in our sector, with a materials, manufacturing and design technology and tool kit to develop exchangers for low grade heat recovery from low flow waste water, in a wide variety of domestic and industrial product groups and markets. FP5: Economic and Efficient Energy for a Competitive Europe Cooperative research contracts Metallisation Ltd,
A K industries Ltd,
Select Moulds Ltd,
Pera International
HRS Spiratube SL

7 partners
€1.14m €0.57m 2001-01-01 to 2002-12-31

24 months
EBMIP: Efficient and Better Managed Industrial Processes The objectives of this project are improvement of energy efficiency by the introduction of the efficient technologies and the reduction of the main pollutant emissions. FP5: Efficient cross-sectoral technologies and better managed industrial processes No contract type Multimedia Sunshine Ltd. Research and Development Institute for Thermopower Equipment

4 partners
€0.23m €0.19m 2001-12-01 to 2003-11-30

24 months

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