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Energy Innovation Needs Assessment. Sub-theme report on Nuclear fission (2019)

Author(s) Subtheme Group
Abstract The nuclear energy sub-theme analysis focusses exclusively on nuclear energy, covering three categories of nuclear power: Generation III (Gen III), Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs). These technologies, with different deployment timelines and energy system benefits, present important innovation opportunities to bring system benefits. Nuclear fusion is out of scope as technology remains in early development and experimental phase. This report has four sections: - Nuclear and the whole energy system: Describes the role of nuclear fission in the energy system, based on ESME modelling performed by the ESC. - Innovation opportunities: Provides lists of the key innovations available within nuclear fission, and their approximate impact on costs. - Business opportunities: Summarises the export opportunities of biomass and bioenergy, the GVA and jobs supported by these opportunities, and how innovation helps the UK capture the opportunities. - Market barriers to innovation: Highlights areas of innovation where market barriers are high and energy system cost reductions and business opportunities significant.
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Year 2019
Status Current
Timescale T 2050
Geographic Coverage UK
Funder BEIS
Methods Desk research and stakeholder enagagement
Stakeholder Academic community, industry and government
Document Structure Trends and drivers? Innovation areas identified are Digitisation (Gen III, SMRs, AMRs): Modularisation (SMRs, AMRs) Design simplification (SMRs, AMRs) Reduced downtime fuels and components (Gen III, SMRs, AMRs)s. Flexible output (AMRs): Enablers? no Performance measures/targets? Discussion on risks/benefits/costs Mapping of RD&D activities? innovation areas identified
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