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Results - Technology Roadmap: Bioenergy for Heat and Power (2012)

Author(s) IEA
Abstract This roadmap identifies technology goals and defines key actions that governments and other stakeholders must undertake to expand the sustainable production and use of bioenergy. It provides additional focus and urgency to international discussions about the importance of bioenergy to a low CO2 future. To achieve this vision, strong and balanced policy efforts are needed to create a stable investment environment and allow commercialisation of new bioenergy conversion technologies, efficiency improvements and further cost reductions along the whole supply chain. Internationally aligned sustainability requirements will be vital to ensure that production and use of bioenergy heat and power provide the envisaged emission reductions, and have a positive impact on socio-economic development and the environment.
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Year 2012
Status Archived
Timescale upto 2050
Geographic Coverage Worldwide
Funder IEA
Methods No Data Supplied
Stakeholder Academic researchers, industry, government
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