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What is the ETI Publications Catalogue?

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is a £400m industry and UK government partnership in low carbon energy system planning and technology development, running between 2007 and 2019. Its mission is to accelerate the development, demonstration and eventual commercial deployment of a focused portfolio of energy technologies, to facilitate energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help achieve energy and climate change goals.

Over its lifetime, the ETI has built up a project document portfolio, which is now to be made available to help inform policy formation, influence investment strategies and advance academic research.

The ETI Publications Catalogue contains the majority of the publically accessible ETI outputs – Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Conference Papers, ETI Publications (working papers and reports), Presentations, and Calls for proposals. Each output has been categorised by IEA energy category, linked to the relevant ETI project, and if applicable linked to a dataset which has been lodged in the Data catalogue.

What can you do with it?

The catalogue may be searched using

  • Catalogue search, where titles and abstracts are searched for the word entered into the search box
  • Simple Search function which allows the user to specify a combination of Project, Author, Title, Abstract, Energy Sector, ETI Programme area, and Year of Publication;
  • Advanced Search function which not only provides a comprehensive search function (all the fields) but also allows the user to specify how the output is to be displayed
  • The entire catalogue can be browsed