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ETI Insights Report - Delivering greenhouse gas emission savings through UK bioenergy value chains

Citation Newton-Cross, G. and Evans, H. ETI Insights Report - Delivering greenhouse gas emission savings through UK bioenergy value chains, ETI, 2015. https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000891.
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Author(s) Newton-Cross, G. and Evans, H.
Project partner(s) ETI
Publisher ETI
DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/UKERC.EDC.000891
Download Delivering-greenhouse-gas-emission-savings-through-UK-bioenergy-value-chains.pdf
Associated Project(s) ETI-BI1001: Ecosystem Land-use Modelling (ELUM) & Soil Carbon Flux Field Trial
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
Abstract It is important to understand fully the end-to-end elements across the bioenergy value chain: from crops and land use, to conversion of biomass to useful energy vectors, and the manner in which it is integrated into the rest of the UK energy system (e.g. into transport, heat or electricity). This insights report presents the evolution of that work, incorporating data arising from the ELUM project on soil carbon changes to calculate dLUC emissions, and examining
  1. how material they are in UK bioenergy value chains, and
  2. identifying which UK value chains offer a significant opportunity to deliver GHG savings relative to fossil baselines.
CCS is a game-changer. Bioenergy value chains with CCS render dLUC emissions of second-order importance, since virtually all CCS value chains using 2G bioenergy crops grown in the UK would deliver substantial negative emissions tothe UK. This work strengthens the link between biomass and CCS, which remains the only credible route to deliver genuine negative carbon emissions at the scale necessary to meet the UK’s 2050 GHG emission reduction targets<