Latest Updates


1 new EPSRC projects added including:

UKRI AI Centre for Doctoral Training in Dependable and Deployable Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (CDT-D2AIR)

Supergen Bioenergy Impact Hub 2023

PRIME: Unresolved fluid mechanics at liquid/gas interfaces for PRIMary brEakup of atomizing sprays

Capture gamma-ray Assessment in Nuclear Energy (C-GANE)

1 new ESRC project added:

BEIS Nature based Anaerobic Digester Solutions UKRI Policy Fellowship


4 new EPSRC projects added:

Advanced Device Concepts for Next-Generation Photovoltaics

Test Engines to Accelerate Net Zero Shipping and Power Generation (TITANZ)

Developing technology and specifications for metakaolin-based geopolymers as robust and promising stabilisers for fuel debris removal

Vertical GaN-on-Si membrane power transistors: Efficient power electronics for mass-market applications (VertiGaN)`


1 new UKERC Publication added:

Mapping Participation for Democratic Innovations: An experiment in evaluating a citizens' panel on home energy decarbonisation.


7 new EPSRC projects added:

Global Centers Track 1: Electric Power Innovation for a Carbon-free Society (EPICS)


AGENT: Targeting high efficient energy harvesting via controlling multistability

MicroPHE: Flow boiling of zeotropic mixtures in plate heat exchanger with microstructure-enhanced surfaces

Transformative Recovery of Low-Grade Waste Heat using Ionic Thermoelectrics

A High Precision Laser-based Mobile SEnsor for Detection of Trace Amounts of Hydrogen

CoolGlass: Mass producible and durable radiative cooling glass panels


1 new EPSRC project added:

Unveiling Earth's Critical Resources For Clean Energy And A Sustainable Future

116 new Ofgem projects added including:

Flex Heat Networks

HVT Legislative and Regulatory Analysis

COMMANDER – Coordinated Operational Methodology for Managing and Accessing Network Distributed Energy Resources

Future of the Transmission Network Charging Methodology

SCADENT - SuperConductor Applications for Dense Energy Transmission

Our View

Digital Platform for Leakage Analytics – Alpha Round 1

Co-optimisation of Energy and Frequency-containment services (COEF)

Low Power Heat

RealSim: Real-Time Phasor-EMT Simulations


7 new EPSRC projects added including:

STREAM 2: EPSRC Place Based IAA (PB-IAA);Northern Net Zero Accelerator - Energy Systems Integration for a Decarbonised Economy

Ion Diffusion in Electrochemical Energy Devices (INDEED)

imProve Offshore infraStructurE resIlience against geohazarDs tOwards a chaNging climate

Near-room Temperature Solid-state Hydrogen Storage

ThermHydes: Thermochemical energy storage-assisted solid hydrogen storage


19 new EPSRC projects added including:

Research Hub for Decarbonised Adaptable and Resilient Transport Infrastructures (DARe)

IDEA: Inverse Design of Electrochemical Interfaces with Explainable AI

Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Tape Development Cell

Decarbonising cementitious materials through carbon capture and utilisation (CO24Cem)

UNderwater IntervenTion for offshore renewable Energies (UNITE)

41 new Ofgem projects added including:

Gas System of the Future Digital Twin

Charge Collective

Fluid Cable Care Phase 3

Improving the determination of safety and induced effects in earthing systems



15 new Ofgem projects added including:

Intelligent Gas Grid - Beta

Identification and quantification of C4F7N gas arcing by-products and their implication for GIS operation

Course-correction Dispatch Instructor


VoltXpanse: Ultra high voltage onshore energy highway


11 new EPSRC projects added including:

Global Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT) Center

A Pioneering, Near-Zero-Carbon and All-Climate-Adaptive Air Conditioning System Using Atmospheric Latent Heat and Natural Light Energy

Harnessing the potential of Archaea - Training Europe's next visionaries for an innovative and sustainable future

Nuclear Fuel-debris Characterisation via Multimodal Spectroscopy and Analytics (NuFAMSA)

A Novel Environment/Solar-Interactive and Building-Integrate-able Power Generation System Enabling Harness of Solar and Environmental Energy

2 new ESRC projects added:

Specifying Practices Enabled by Cycling In FIfteen-minute Cities (SPECIFIC)

(ENACT 15mC) Envisioning Neighbourhoods and Co-Creating Thriving Communities in the 15mC

1 Dataset updated:

P114 half-hourly GB electricity grid data

Dataset updated with the release for the third quarter of 2023 (July, August, September)


6 new EPSRC projects added:

A Dual-Laser Additive Manufacturing System for Novel Materials (Green3D)

Process design of new reduced activation ferrite martensite (RAFM) steels for nuclear fusion reactors

Reliable computational modelling of boiling for high-void and the critical heat flux

Coflobiopro: Continuous flow biocatalytic process for production of value-added chemicals using magnetic nanoparticle immobilized enzyme microreactors

SEALPTSC Strain and Photonic Engineering Toward Stable, Efficient, and Large-scale All-perovskite Triple-junction Solar Cells

Symmetry-Breaking Charge Separation Materials for Single-junction Organic Photovoltaics


17 new EPSRC projects added:

UK National Clean Maritime Research Hub

Supercharging Metal-Organic Frameworks (SuperMOF)

Towards Zero Emissions Electric Aircraft through Superconducting DC Distribution Network

Zero-Magnets Electric Drive for Electric Vehicles (Z-M Drive)

Yeast-based solutions for sustainable Aviation Fuels (YAF)


2 new EPSRC projects added:

Integrated wind-wave control of semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine platforms (FOWT-Control)

TOSPEL Transient operando spectroscopy of perovskite nanocrystal LEDs


6 new EPSRC projects added:

Grid Forming hybrid Transformer for future distribution Grids (GIFhT-4-eGrids)

Zinc Ion Batteries: Structural ENgineering for Severe Environment (SENSE)

PCM-in-PV - PV cells with modified optical and thermal properties for high-efficiency electrical applications

SHIELD - Self-Healing Electrode for energy storage Devices

Microscale enabled advanced flow and heat transfer technologies featuring high performance and low power consumption; Acronym: Micro-FloTec

Mathematical modeling for optimizing the sustainability of car sharing


5 new EPSRC projects added:

Green Optical Wireless Communications Facilitated by Photonic Power Harvesting "GreenCom"

Automatic Control Engineering (ACE) Network

UHP.RTYF.Geo-Crete: Eco-Innovation: Development of Sustainable and Affordable Ultra High Performance Geopolymer Concrete for Industrial Floor Applicat

Elucidating a complete picture of exciton dynamics in operating quantum-dot light-emitting diodes

MICROALGAESAF - Biofuels production through microalgae biomass pyrolysis and bio-oil upgrading


1 new ESRC project added:

Driving climate breakdown: The politics of the electric vehicle transition in the UK and Germany

12 new EPSRC projects added including:

Hydrogen Integration for Accelerated Energy Transitions Hub (HI-ACT)

SUS-POL: Supply-Side Policies for Fossil Fuels

Enabling CO2 capture and storage using AI

Electrolysis at scale: a pathway to lower precious metal content electrolysers

Sustainable Bioconversion of CO2 to Polyhydroxyalkanoates Biopolymer by Anaerobic Mixed Bacteria in a Single-Stage Gas Fermentation (CO2BIOPOL)