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Emissions from NAEI large point sources - UK manufacturing sector

This file provides a harmonised data for the UK main manufacturing industry based on the NAEI 2020 data, which can be used for analysis and modelling.Since the original NAEI data include sites that do not fall within the definition of manufacturing industry, we created this harmonised data for ease of use. We classified the sectors into: Iron and steel, Chemicals, Cement, Food and drink, Paper, Refining, Lime, Glass, Ceramics, Other minerals, and Other industry. We also converted the 'Easting' and 'Northing' to 'Latitude' and 'Longitude'.


8 new EPSRC projects added

Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory (EDOL)

MLTURB: A new understanding of turbulence via a machine-learnt dynamical systems theory

Realising Structural Power: Addressing the Manufacturing Challenges

CBET-EPSRC: Deep Learning Closure Models for Large-Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Aerodynamics

MCSIMus: Monte Carlo Simulation with Inline Multiphysics

Liquid Ammonia Direct Injection (LADI) fundamental physics and modelling of the aero-thermodynamic of transitional atomisation regime

Digital Twins-based integrated corrosion fatigue prognosis of wind turbines Towers in modular energy islands

ABCUnloc: Acoustic Backscatter Communication-based Underwater Localization


7 new EPSRC projects added

Mathematical Theory of Radiation Transport: Nuclear Technology Frontiers (MaThRad)

Advanced Research into Crystallographic Anisotropy & Nucleation Effects in single crystals (ARCANE)

Imperial College Laboratory for Ultrafast X-ray Diffraction (LUXD)

Electrical Systems at High Altitude Research Facility (ELSA)

High End Computing Consortium for Wave Structure Interaction HEC WSI

Quantum Sensing of the Geomagnetic Space Weather Environment

TERASWITCH - Towards low dissipation THz-induced switching of magnetic materials

2 new datasets added:

Public Perceptions of Energy Disruptions

Energy systems are changing rapidly, bringing new types of risks, and new forms of potential disruption to energy supplies. Our growing dependence on energy, particularly electricity, means that more than ever we need to plan for disruptions and be prepared for them. What happens during the disruption is important: we need to understand how individuals, communities and organisations experience the event, and what measures can be taken to reduce the overall impacts. This study investigates how people...

Perception Spillover From Fracking, 2022

Public opposition to new energy technology can harm the chances of successful deployment. Less is known about knock-on effects on the wider energy system, including whether such opposition impacts public perceptions of other technologies. Here we present a mixed-methods study into perception spillover, examining whether the controversy over fracking for oil and gas affects public attitudes to two novel low-carbon energy technologies: deep enhanced geothermal systems, and green hydrogen.


18 new EPSRC projects added including:

Bio-derived and Bio-inspired Advanced Materials for Sustainable Industries (VALUED)

Processing of Smart Porous Electro-Ceramic Transducers - ProSPECT

Shining Light on Metal Halide Perovskite Stability with Nanoscale Optical Characterization


10 new EPSRC projects added including:

Layered Materials Research Foundry

GENERATION: Self Powered IoT for People and Planet

EPSRC Core Equipment Award 2022/23

1 new dataset added:

Quantification of inherent flexibility from electrified residential heat sector in England and Wales

The datasets available for download include: 1. The thermal characteristics for 16 dwelling categories for all the LSOAs in England and Wales before and after considering energy efficiency measures. 2. The magnitude and duration of positive and negative flexibility services that can be provided by air source heat pumps in dwellings at local authority level.

1 dataset updated:

P114 half-hourly GB electricity grid data

Spatially disaggregate half-hourly data on GB electricity generation and consumption, including detailed per-generator half-hourly generation and balancing operations. This dataset has been updated to include 2022 data


4 new EPSRC projects added including:

Multiphase Flow Optimisation Strategies with Industrial Applications (MFLOPS)

Bio-fabrication of sustainable functional bacterial cellulose aerogel for building insulation