UKERC Energy Data Centre



2 new ESRC projects added:

Sustainability, inclusiveness and governance of mini-grids in Africa (SIGMA)

Future Flight Social Science Research Director (Phase 2)

32 new EPSRC projects added including:

Future Electric Vehicle Energy Networks supporting Renewables (FEVER)

Mathematical Theory of Radiation Transport: Nuclear Technology Frontiers (MaThRad)

Decarbonised Clean Marine: Green Ammonia Thermal Propulsion (MariNH3)

Boron: Beyond the Reagent

A Versatile, high-throughput, Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope (VATEM)

45 new Energy Networks Association projects added including:

Regional Decarbonisation Pathways

Reactive Power Market Design

LV Predict

Energy Planning Integrated with Councils

Grangemouth to Granton LTS Futures


1 new UKERC publication added:

After Brexit: Scenarios for Clean and Secure Energy in a New World

This briefing paper focuses on how Brexit has shaped UK energy and climate change politics and policy. It presents three scenarios for how UK energy policy and politics, and its relationship with the European Union, might evolve between now and 2035.

192 new Energy Networks Association (ENA) projects added:

Projects starting on or after 1st January 2021 have been added to the catalogue

1 new EPSRC project added:

Centre for Sustainable Road Freight 2018-2023

1 new Innovate UK project added:

Design, manufacturing method and prototype testing of an extremely lightweight Offshore Wind blade

Roadmaps Interface Updated:

The Roadmaps section of publications has been updated to match the style of the rest of the publications sections. You can filter by the year the Roadmap was published, whether the Roadmap is the most recent one (current) or historic, and also view them by energy category.

You can find the new interface here


10 new UKRI projects available including:

Looking below the surface: Revealing Interfacial Reactions for Sustainable Electrochemical Technologies

New Phase Field Models for Unravelling Multi-Physics Material Degradation Challenges (NEWPHASE)

Extremes, Performance and Longevity for Offshore Renewable Energy Resilience

Development of barocaloric materials for next generation refrigerants

Smart formulations for manufacturing of functional three-dimensional hierarchical structures

2 new BBSRC projects available:

Bcc-superalloys: Engineering Resilience to Extreme Environments

Creating and comprehending the circuitry of life: precise biomolecular design of multi-centre redox enzymes for a synthetic metabolism

1 new EPSRC project available:

Ocean-REFuel - Ocean Renewable Energy Fuels

1 new STFC project available:

Cockcroft Phase 4


6 new BBSRC projects available:

Transformational blueprint for a blue economy on UK terrestrial farms: integrating sustainable shrimp production in a changing agricultural landscape

Perennial Biomass Crops for Greenhouse Gas Removal

3D-Printed Platforms to Study and Utilise the Photoelectrochemistry of Photosynthetic Biofilms


Biomass Biorefinery Network (BBNet)

Newton Bhabha Industrial Waste: Valorising Waste from Sugar Cane Industries via Innovations in Pretreatment, Biotransformation and Intensification

5 new UKRI projects available:

Understanding and Improving Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Capture

Towards a process-based understanding of rare-earth element deposits

Sustainable Electrodes for Advanced Flow Batteries

Indoor power harvesting using hybrid perovskite materials

Molecular Network Heat Engines

1 new NERC project available:

GCRF Building capacity for sustainable interactions with marine ecosystems for health, wellbeing, food and livelihoods of coastal communities