Latest Updates


2 new EPSRC projects added:

Integrated wind-wave control of semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine platforms (FOWT-Control)

TOSPEL Transient operando spectroscopy of perovskite nanocrystal LEDs


6 new EPSRC projects added:

Grid Forming hybrid Transformer for future distribution Grids (GIFhT-4-eGrids)

Zinc Ion Batteries: Structural ENgineering for Severe Environment (SENSE)

PCM-in-PV - PV cells with modified optical and thermal properties for high-efficiency electrical applications

SHIELD - Self-Healing Electrode for energy storage Devices

Microscale enabled advanced flow and heat transfer technologies featuring high performance and low power consumption; Acronym: Micro-FloTec

Mathematical modeling for optimizing the sustainability of car sharing


5 new EPSRC projects added:

Green Optical Wireless Communications Facilitated by Photonic Power Harvesting "GreenCom"

Automatic Control Engineering (ACE) Network

UHP.RTYF.Geo-Crete: Eco-Innovation: Development of Sustainable and Affordable Ultra High Performance Geopolymer Concrete for Industrial Floor Applicat

Elucidating a complete picture of exciton dynamics in operating quantum-dot light-emitting diodes

MICROALGAESAF - Biofuels production through microalgae biomass pyrolysis and bio-oil upgrading


1 new ESRC project added:

Driving climate breakdown: The politics of the electric vehicle transition in the UK and Germany

12 new EPSRC projects added including:

Hydrogen Integration for Accelerated Energy Transitions Hub (HI-ACT)

SUS-POL: Supply-Side Policies for Fossil Fuels

Enabling CO2 capture and storage using AI

Electrolysis at scale: a pathway to lower precious metal content electrolysers

Sustainable Bioconversion of CO2 to Polyhydroxyalkanoates Biopolymer by Anaerobic Mixed Bacteria in a Single-Stage Gas Fermentation (CO2BIOPOL)