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Consumers and Vehicles - Quantifying Consumer Behaviour

Citation Stewart, A. and Cluzel, C. Consumers and Vehicles - Quantifying Consumer Behaviour, ETI, 2011.
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Author(s) Stewart, A. and Cluzel, C.
Project partner(s) Element Energy Ltd
Publisher ETI
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Abstract The Consumer and Vehicles project looked at the potential long-term performance and cost of plug-in vehicles. It examined consumer reactions and behaviours in buying and using them. It explored supporting infrastructure, and included in-depth surveys with 3,000 consumers and real-world testing with 40 drivers.

This is the first of two reports that accompany the Consumer Choice Model from the Consumers and Vehicles project.

This first report is about deriving the coefficients of consumer choice. It presents
  • Overview of consumer choice modelling
  • Design of the choice experiment
  • Analysis of the results 
  • Development of the coefficients of consumer choice for the model
  • Key parameters of consumer choice are quantified against the eight market segments developed in the ‘Identification of Relevant Consumer Segments’ report. The key parameters presented quantify the effect various factors have on the price consumers are willing to pay for plug-in vehicles. These factors include:
    • availability of infrastructure,
    • vehicle acceleration,
    • electric range and
    • whether the choice is for a first or second car in the household.
Associated Project(s) ETI-TR1001: PIVEI: Large Scale Consumer Trial S1 SP1 - Consumers and Vehicles
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
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