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WP1 Consumer Insights - Consumer Insights Toolkit

Citation Energy Systems Catapult WP1 Consumer Insights - Consumer Insights Toolkit, ETI, 2017.
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Author(s) Energy Systems Catapult
Project partner(s) Energy Systems Catapult Limited, Loughborough University, Bonamy Finch
Publisher ETI
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Associated Project(s) ETI-SS9004: Smart Systems and Heat (SSH) Programme - Consumer Insights
Associated Dataset(s) No associated datasets
Abstract This project is part of the “Smart Systems and Heat” Phase 1 Business Model Development Project.  It will provide insights into consumer behaviour relating to heat decisions. The project will be made up of four small pieces of consultancy work looking at specific issues:
  • Consumer Response & Behavious Analysis
  • Literature Review Personality and Risky Heat Decisions
  • Household Heating Design Aids
  • Segmentation Analysis
This report is a toolkit of visual aids designed to help inform the design of products services and polices so they can successfully decarbonise heating in the UK. Among other things the toolkit includes household, building and heating systems icons and physical flash cards that enables engineers, policy and decision makers to think through the consumers’ perspective when designing a heating system or heating policy.