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UK Tourism in a Low Carbon World

Citation Otoadese, J. and Keay-Bright, S. UK Tourism in a Low Carbon World. UKERC. 2007.
Author(s) Otoadese, J. and Keay-Bright, S.
Publisher UKERC
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Pages 34
UKERC Report Number UKERC/MR/MP/2007/009

This seminar brought together some 25 experts including policy makers, scientists and tourism stakeholders to focus on the relationship between travel, climate change and tourism, and to explore the questions below. It examined the scope for the tourism sector to respond positively to the challenges of climate change, with an expansion in tourism activities that are not reliant on flying.

In the face of these challenges and opportunities, the workshop explored:

  • The broader context: how is tourism likely to be affected positively and negatively by a changing climate and a changing environment, both in the UK and at destinations for outbound tourists?
  • How is the market likely to respond to measures taken to deter the growth in air travel? What might be the differing consequences for the industry and the environment of different types of measure - for example, measures primarily aimed at long haul or short haul flights?
  • What scope is there for the tourism sector to adapt positively to climate change identifying new business opportunities whilst contributing to the UKs targets for CO2 reduction?
  • What Government actions or policies might be needed to support the sector in responding positively to the challenges of climate change?
  • What further research is needed to inform policy and underpin the development of strategies for sustainable UK tourism?