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Carbon Trust Advanced Metering Trial (2004-2006)


Half hourly gas and electricity (and water) consumption data ( not all utilities were monitored at every site) gathered during the Carbon Trusts Advanced Metering for SMEs project (2004-2006). The data was collected from a portfolio of sites by seven independent metering contractors. Sites are characterized by the number of employees, the geographical location, and geographical region. (Please acknowledge The Carbon Trust when making any use of this data)
Meter readings are available for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).The majority of meter readings are for electricity; monitoring of other utilities (gas and water) was available on some sites. Unless otherwise indicated data sets are for electricity; where multiple meters were deployed they are designated (e) for electricity, (g) for natural gas, and (w) for water. In a minority of cases metering on the site was split between several meters: (e1), (e2), etc. The absence of a link indicates some problems in matching the site identifier with the collected data set.
The sectors covered are:-

  • Community, social and personal activities
  • Education
  • Financial and business services
  • Government
  • Health and social work
  • Manufacturing
  • Other sectors
  • Wholesale and retail trade
A ReadMe page is provided for each subsector containing more detailed information for the datasets that are covered. Use of this data resource requires registration with edc: please contact the EDC Manager
The Carbon Trust has published a report summarising the findings of the project at http://www.ieadsm.org/Files/Content/Carbon%20Trust_2011-06-03.pdf and a full report on the advanced metering field trial, its results, findings and recommendations which is available alongside the data at http://data.ukedc.rl.ac.uk/simplebrowse/edc/efficiency/residential/Buildings/AdvancedMeteringTrial_2006/CTC713_AdvancedMeteringForSMEs.pdf.


The Carbon Trust


The Carbon Trust


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Citation (APA Style 7th Edition):

The Carbon Trust (2004). Carbon Trust Advanced Metering Trial (2004-2006) [Data set]. The Carbon Trust. https://ukerc.rl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/dataDiscover.pl?Action=detail&dataid=362de3a2-032b-41bb-90fc-4ea544e4a640

Energy Categories

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Field Dates:

01/01/2004 - 03/12/2006

Data Date Range:

01/01/2004 - 03/12/2006

Data type:

Time Series

Data format:




Number of Units:


Unit Type:

2 x kWh, m3

Number of Records:



Date, Electricity/Gas consumption (kWh) or Water consumption (m3) - 48 values per day


Advanced Metering Trial data

Rights Overview:

The UKERC-EDC Advanced Metering Trial data comprises half hourly gas and electricity (and water) consumption for a range of building/business types and is hereinafter referred to as "the Data . The Data was supplied to UKERC-EDC by The Carbon Trust as indicative data only, on an "as is" basis, with no guarantee as to its accuracy. The Data is supplied to the named applicant for either academic research purposes only, or work associated with the Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC) programme. In any event the data should not be passed on to third parties, except with the prior written consent of The Carbon Trust (please make a separate application for all users who need access to the Data). (The Carbon Trust will be asked to verify all usage requests associated with the NDSEMIC programme). The user may not re-publish the Data, except with the prior written consent of The Carbon Trust.

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