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Domestic Washing Machine - Appliance Ownership Levels


Estimated ownership of UK domestic washing machines and washer dryers (percentage of households) Historic data suggests that the average annual unit energy consumption for a domestic washing machine in the UK is 268 kWh (1999). It is assumed that a 60C wash uses 40% less energy than a 90C wash; and a 40C wash uses 40% less energy than a 60C wash for estimated number of uses of each cycle). An average load capacity of 5.58 kg in 2006 was assumed, rising by 0.025 kg/year to allow for the future availability of larger capacity machines. Washing machines typically do not adjust water and energy consumption if a smaller load is washed. Average water consumption per wash was estimated to be 50 litres (2006); 80% of energy consumption is for heating water in the wash phase.
It is assumed that the best available appliances will be A (2006-2009) and A+ (2010-2020).
BNW05 Assumptions underlying the energy and water projections for washing machines, Version 2.0 from Defra MTP; data based on Gfk and historical modelling by DECADE and Fawcett, T., Lane K., Boardman, B., et al, 2000, Lower Carbon Futures for European Households, Environmental Change Institute Oxford Appendix F, UK 1 Table 1 (using data from the English Housing Condition Survey)


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UK Energy Research Centre Energy Data Centre (UKERC-EDC) (2000). Domestic Washing Machine - Appliance Ownership Levels [Data set]. DEFRA Market Transformation Programme. https://ukerc.rl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/dataDiscover.pl?Action=detail&dataid=eaaaecec-f095-4a72-a30c-c93d1d1bc3bd

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01/01/2000 - 31/12/2020

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01/01/2000 - 31/12/2020

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Year, Percentage owning Washing Machine, Percentage owning Washer Dryer


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