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Dr J Hu, Faculty of Science,Liverpool Hope University
Professor P Hu, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Queen's University Belfast
Dr Y Hu, School of Management,Cranfield University
Dr Z Hu, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Dr C Huang, Materials,University of Oxford
Dr L (Lin) Huang, IBERS,Aberystwyth University
Dr MJ Huang, School of the Built Environment,University of Ulster
Professor W (Wei) Huang, Nanjing University of Technology (NJUT), China
Dr W Huang, Engineering Science,University of Oxford
Dr X Huang, Computer Scienc,University of Liverpool
Dr Y Huang, Sch of Engineering and Design,Brunel University
Dr Y Huang, School of the Built Environment,University of Ulster
Dr Z Huang, Sch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufac,Cranfield University
Dr K (Klaus) Hubacek, School of Earth and Environment,University of Leeds
Professor K Hubacek, Geography,University of Maryland
Dr P Hubberstey, Chemistry,University of Nottingham
Dr JE Huber, Engineering Science,University of Oxford
Dr C Hubert, Civil Engineering and Geosciences,Newcastle University
Professor W Huck, Chemistry,University of Cambridge
Professor D Hudson, Sch of Engineering,University of Southampton
Dr JA (John) Hudson, Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics,University of Cambridge
Dr MJ Hudson, Chemistry,University of Reading
Professor K Hudson-Edwards, Camborne School of Mines,University of Exeter
Dr A Hudson-Smith, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis,University College London
Dr A Huff, Research Department,Institute of Development Studies
Dr A (Andrew) Hughes, Groundwater Resources,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Dr A Hughes, Scottish Association For Marine Science
Dr AD (Adam) Hughes, Scottish Association For Marine Science
Dr AG Hughes, Environmental Modelling,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Professor BR Hughes, Mechanical Engineering,University of Hull
Professor DC Hughes, Sch of Engineering Design and Technology,University of Bradford
Dr DJ Hughes, Scottish Association For Marine Science
Dr F Hughes, University of Manchester
Professor G Hughes, Civil and Environmental Eng,Imperial College London
Professor J (James) Hughes, Department of Government,London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Dr J Hughes, Advanced Manufacturing Res Centre Boeing,University of Sheffield
Dr KJ Hughes, Computational Fluid Dynamics,University of Leeds
Dr M Hughes, Biocomposites Centre,Bangor University
Mr N Hughes, Policy Studies Institute
Dr RA Hughes, Private Address,Private Address
Professor S Hui, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr S Hull, ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source,STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)
Mr W (Bill) Hull, TLT LLP
Professor D Hulme, Environment, Education and Developmen,University of Manchester
Professor M (Mike) Hulme, Environmental Sciences,University of East Anglia
Dr JF Hult, Chemical Engineering,University of Cambridge
Dr N Hultman, Maryland School of Public Policy,University of Maryland
Professor CJ Humphreys, Materials Science & Metallurgy,University of Cambridge
Dr PN Humphreys, Sch of Applied Sciences,University of Huddersfield
Dr AC Humphries, Crops Group,Harper Adams University College
Dr SA Humphry-Baker, Materials,Imperial College London
Dr CA Hunniford, Mathematics & Physics,Queen's University Belfast
Dr A S P Hunt, Economics and International Development,University of Bath
Mr D Hunt, University of Birmingham
Mr DV Hunt, University of Birmingham
Professor G Hunt, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bath
Professor G Hunt, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Professor I Hunt, Engineering and the Built Environment,Edinburgh Napier University
Professor L Hunt, Economics,University of Surrey
Mr LC Hunt, Swansea University
Dr MRC Hunt, Physics,Durham University
Mr S (Steven) Hunt, Practical Action
Mr S Hunt, UNLISTED,Practical Action
Mr S Hunt, Society of British Gas Industries
Lord J Hunt of Chesterton, Physics and Astronomy,University College London
Dr H M A (Hazel) Hunter, Science and Technology Facilities Council
Professor N Hunter, Molecular Biology and Biotechnolog,University of Sheffield
Dr T Hunter, Inst of Particle Science & Engineering,University of Leeds
Professor JM Huntley, Sch of Mechanical and Manufacturing Eng,Loughborough University
Dr D Huo, Mechanical and Systems Engineering,Newcastle University
Prof H (Herbert) Huppert, Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics,University of Cambridge
Dr T Hurford, Earth Sciences,University College London
Dr C Hurley, Physics,University of Warwick
Dr W Hurst, Computing and Mathematical Science,Liverpool John Moores University
Dr G Hush, School of Design,Glasgow School of Art
Dr T Hussain, Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering,University of Nottingham
Dr Z Hussain, Sch of Computing, Maths and Digital Tec,Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor NE Hussey, Physics,University of Bristol
Professor GJ Hutchings, Chemistry,Cardiff University
Professor D Hutchins, School of Engineering,University of Warwick
Professor A Hutchinson, Faculty of Tech, Design and Environment,Oxford Brookes University
Mr J Hutchinson, Siemens Power Generation Ltd.
Professor D Hutchison, Computing,Lancaster University
Dr JL Hutchison, Materials,University of Oxford
Professor J Huthnance, Science and Technology,United Utilities PLC
Dr P Huthwaite, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr DA Hutt, Sch of Mechanical and Manufacturing Eng,Loughborough University
Dr S (Sharon) Huws, IBERS,Aberystwyth University
Professor AD Huxley, Sch of Physics,University of Edinburgh