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There are two categories of Advanced Searches:

Projects Catalogue: search using various classifications and criteria, including a custom search.  You can also search summaries by classifications, with full drill down to project level; these can be restricted by both calendar year and financial year.
Project Data Sources

Landscapes: these can be searched by Energy Category, specific sections can be displayed for all landscapes, or you can search the landscapes for specific organisations

  Projects Catalogue Searches

Custom Search >
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Projects for Specific Categories (with drill-down) >
All Projects involving Investigator Enter start of surname
All Projects involving Organisation Enter part of organisation name
All Projects in Region Choose region
All Projects for particular Energy Category (including those assigned to any lower level categories)
Organisations by Date that Grants were added to Database


Summaries of numbers and values of Projects (with drill-down) >
Summary by Energy Category
Summary by Region
Summary by Funding Source
Summary by Research Type
Summary by Science and Technology Fields
Summary by UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation
Summaries normally contain the total value, but can be displayed for a particular calendar or financial year by using the checkboxes below
We advise against doing this for Summary by Region, as it may take too long to run, and time out
No date restriction
Show Spend for Calendar Year
Show Spend for Financial Year
Financial Years run from 1st April to 31st March