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Name:   Professor K Scott
Organisation:   Newcastle University
Department:   School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials
GR/S69344/01 P A Mixed Fuel and Air Fuel Cell
EP/F035764/1 P Alkaline Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
2002-12-34-1-1 P Capillary fuel Cell
EP/G042012/1 P Collaborative Research in Energy with South Africa. Intermediate Temperature Proton Conducting Membrane Systems for the Hydrogen Economy
2002-12-75-1 P Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell
EP/C002601/1 P Fuel Cells- Powering a Greener Future
EP/H007962/1 P Hydrogen Electrolyser and Fuel Cell
EP/P033768/1 P Hydrogen Generation by Electrochemical Water Dissociation
EP/D503329/1 P Portable fuel cells: Designed to fit purpose
EP/G030995/1 P Supergen Fuel Cell Consortium - Fuel cells - Powering a Greener Future - CORE
EP/M005895/1 P Temperature and Alkali Stable Polymer Electrolytes for Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Alkaline Electrolysers
EP/I037024/1 O "Mind the Gap" - jumping the hurdles limiting polymer fuel cell performance and commercialisation
EP/S032134/1 O A network for hydrogen-fuelled transportation (Network-H2)
EP/E03649X/1 O An O2 Electrode for a Rechargeable Lithium Battery
EP/I022570/1 O Crossing Boundaries in Energy Storage
EP/I022570/2 O Crossing Boundaries in Energy Storage
EP/R020744/1 O ISCF Wave 1: Earth-Abundant Metal-Air Batteries
EP/R021503/1 O ISCF Wave 1: North East Centre for Energy Materials
EP/N009746/1 O Liquid Fuel and bioEnergy Supply from CO2 Reduction
EP/N009746/2 O Liquid Fuel and bioEnergy Supply from CO2 Reduction
EP/D03891X/1 O Membrane and Alcohol Fuel Cell INTERACT with China
NE/K015788/1 O Resource recovery from wastewater with Bioelectrochemical Systems
EP/H019596/1 O SUPERGEN - The Energy Storage Consortium: CORE Proposal
EP/T025522/1 O Sustainable Heavy Duty Truck, Marine and Rail Transport
EP/H019480/1 O The Supergen Biological Fuel Cells Consortium 2010-2014 (CORE)
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
for Professor K Scott
Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 2 23 25 7,398,275   27,989,155