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Energy From Waste : WP1.2 - Initial Waste Assessment

Wagland, S.T. and Longhurst, P.J. 2010

Energy From Waste : WP3.2 - System Model Development Report

Donegan, S., Kearney, J., Repalle, J. and Van Romunde, Z. 2010

MMV - Measurement, Monitoring & Verification of CO2 Storage: UK Requirements: Final Report - Vol 1

Jones, D.G., Chadwick, R.A., Pearce, J.M., Vincent, C.J., Hannis, S., Long, D., Rowley, W.J., Holloway, S., Bentham, M.S., Kingdon, A., Arts, R., Neele, F., Nepveu, M., Vandeweijer, V., Metcalfe, R., Bond, A.E. and Robinson P.C. 2010

Macro DE - Development of a methodology to calculate energy demand

McKoen, K., Koch, A., Murshed, S.M., Meidl, P., Nichersu, A., Jumel, S. and Limani, B. 2010

Macro DE - Project Baseline Objectives

Barton, M., Kirton, A., Silletti, B., Smith, R., Gautier, L., Neeson, S., McKoen, K., McWilliam, L. and Jobson, M 2010

Micro DE - Review of Previous Work on Energy User Behaviour

Oikonomou, E., Oreszczyn, T., Shipworth, D. and Stone, A. 2010

PerAWaT - Choice of Numerical Model (WG3 WP6 D1)

Adcock, T.A.A., Serhadlioglu, S., Houlsby, G.T. and Borthwick, A.G.L. 2010

PerAWaT - DIA Methodology Report

Cruz, J., Mackay, E., Livingstone, M., McCowen, D. and Jorge, N 2010

PerAWaT - GH Blockage Modelling Report (WG3 WP4 D1)

Thomson, M.D. and McCowen, D. 2010

PerAWaT - GH Device Scale Modelling Report

Thomson, M.D. and Whelan, J.I. 2010

PerAWaT - Methodology Report (WG1 WP1 D1B)

Cruz, J., Mackay, E., Livingstone, M. and McCowen, D. 2010

PerAWaT - Non-Linear Model Description Report (WG1 WP1 D7)

Taylor, P.H. and Eatock Taylor, R. 2010

PerAWaT - Report on Model Setup for Horizontal Axis Axial Flow Turbines (WG3 WP1 D1)

McIntosh, S.C., Fleming, C.F. and Willden, R.H.J. 2010