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Biomass Value Chain Modelling - Benefit Assessment Report

Montemurro, F., Bauen, A. and Shah, N. 2012

Biomass Value Chain Modelling - Opportunity Identification and Roadmapping

Montemurro, F., Bauen, A., Shah, N., Samsatli, N., Patel, M. and Ang, S. 2012

Consumer Response and Behaviour - Pilot Research Report Presentation

Morrell, G., Kahn, L., Junemann, S. and Oreszczyn, T. 2012

Consumer Response and Behaviour - Provisional Consumer Segmentation

Raw, G., Junemann, S. and Anderson, T. 2012

Energy From Waste : WP1.3 - Final Waste Assessment

Wagland, S.T. and Longhurst, P.J. 2012

Macro DE - Energy Demand Analysis in Great Britain

Meidl, P., Sipowicz, M., Murshed, S.M., Jumel, S., Jobson, M., Oluleye, G., OHanlon, I., McKeon, K., Griessbaum, N., Nichersu, A. 2012

Mineralisation - Carbon Capture & Storage by Mineralisation - Work Package 1: Stage Gate 2b Report; Synthesis and Interpretation

Styles, M.T., Lacinska, A.M., Bide, T., Evans, E.J., Naden, J. and Wrighton, C. 2012

Mineralisation - Carbon Capture and Sequestration by Mineralisation (CCSM) Final Report

Hillier, G., Styles, M., Zemskova, S. and Paulson, T. 2012

PerAWaT - Large Array Testing

Queen’s University Belfast 2012

PerAWaT - Report on the Inclusion of FDC Tidal Arrays into DG-ADCIRC Model (WG3 WP6 D5)

Serhadlioglu, S., Adcock, T.A.A., Houlsby, G.T. and Borthwick, A.G.L. 2012

PerAWaT - Tidalfarmer Interim Model Validation Report (WG3 WP4 D18)

Parkinson, S., Giles, J. and Thomson, M. 2012

ReDAPT - MD1.3 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling of ReDAPT Tidal Turbine

Rolfo, S., McNaughton, J., Stallard, T., Apsley D. and Stansby P. 2012

Tidal Modelling - Continental Shelf Model Requirements Document

HR Wallingford, Black & Veatch and University of Edinburgh 2012

Tidal Modelling - Extraction Scheme Modelling Scenarios Technical Report

University of Edinburgh, Black & Veatch and HR Wallingford 2012