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Condition Monitoring: Final Report on an Holistic Approach to Wind Turbine Monitoring

Futter, D.N., Chevalier, R., Gilbert, D., Muguelanez, E., Whittle, M. and Infield, D. 2013

Consumer Response and Behaviour - Literature Review

Energy Endeavours Consortium 2013

Enabling Technologies - Technology Review and Gap Analysis - Final Report

Hitachi, EDF Energy, Imperial College London, Element Energy 2013

PerAWaT - Comparison with EDF (WG3 WP6 D6)

Adcock, T.A.A., Serhadlioglu, S., Houlsby, G.T. 2013

PerAWaT - Development of Free Surface Wave Model for an Axial Flow Tidal Turbine

Fleming, C.F., McIntosh, S.C. and Willden, R.H.J. 2013

PerAWaT - Experimental and Computation Investigations into Ducted Porous Discs and Rotors at Low Blockage (WG4 WP3 D3)

Fleming, C.F., McIntosh, S.C., Willden, R.H.J., Stallard, T. and Feng, T. 2013

PerAWaT - Regional Scale Plug-In Protocol (WG3 WP4 D10)

Parkinson, S. and Thomson, M.D. 2013

ReDAPT - MD1.5 CFD Simulation of Turbulence at a Tidal Stream Site based on Field Measurements

Afgan, I., Apsley, D.D., McNaughton, J., Rolfo, S., Stallard, T. and Stansby P.K. 2013