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CCS sector development scenarios in the UK - Final report

subsection imageDurusut, E., Slater, S., Murray, S, and Hare, P. 2015 document type

Component reliability test approaches for marine renewable energy

subsection imageThies, P.R., Johanning, L., Karikari-Boateng, K.A., Chong, N. and McKeever, P. 2015

Ecosystem Land-Use Modelling & Soil Carbon Flux Trial (ELUM) - Project Executive Summary

subsection imageMcNamara, N., Oxley, J., Perks, M., Smith, P., Taylor, G., Finch, J., Ineson, P., Donnison, I., Sohi, S., Marshall, R. and Rowe, R. 2015 document type

High Hydrogen - Interim Project Report: Experimental results and detailed analysis

subsection imageMoodie, K.. Michels, H.J., Ewan, B.C.R., Rattigan, W., O’Sullivan, L., Hawksworth, S. 2015 document type

Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farms Using a Genetic Algorithm

subsection imagePillai, A.C.,Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. and Pelissier, S. 2015 document type

Options Choices Actions - UK scenarios for a low carbon energy system

subsection imageColeman, J., Heaton, C., Day, G. and Milne, S. 2015 document type

Overview of the ETI’s Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) Capabilities

subsection imageETI, E4Tech, Imperial College Consultants (ICON), 2015 document type

ReDAPT - Development of a CFD Model of the TGL Turbine at the EMEC Site - Presentation at OEE Dublin 2015

subsection imageStallard, T., Stansby, P., Apsley, D., Afgan, I., Ahmed, U., Rolfo, S. and McNaughton, J. 2015 document type

ReDAPT - ReDAPT Final report

subsection imageHarrison, J. 2015 document type

Strategic UK CCS Storage Appraisal - Data and Information Requirements

subsection imageJames, A., Baines, S. and McCollough, S. 2015 document type

Strategic UK CCS Storage Appraisal - Due Diligence and Portfolio Selection

subsection imageJames, A.T., Baines, S. and McCollough, S. 2015 document type

System Requirements For Alternative Nuclear Technologies - Project Summary Report

subsection imageFirggens, S., Doyle, G., Scott, I. Ashley, R., Dodd, D. and Goodfellow, M. 2015 document type