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Publications for Programme Offshore Wind
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Offshore wind installation vessels - A comparative assessment for UK offshore rounds 1 and 2

Paterson, J., D’Amico, F., Thies, P.R., Kurt, R.E. and Harrison, G. 2018


An Integrated Data Management Approach for Offshore Wind Turbine Failure Root Cause Analysis

Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos, A., Dawood, T. and Thies, P.R. 2017

Application of an offshore wind farm layout optimization methodology at Middelgrunden wind farm

Pillai, A.C., Chick, J., Khorasanchi, M., Barbouchi, S. and Johanning, L. 2017

Dynamic mooring simulation with Code(-)Aster with application to a floating wind turbine

Antonutti, R., Peyrard, C., Incecik, A., Ingram, D.M., Johanning. L. 2017

Hybrid, Multi-Megawatt HVDC Transformer Topology Comparison for Future Offshore Wind Farms

Smailes, M., Ng, C., Mckeever, P., Shek, J., Theotokatos, G. and Abusara, M. 2017

Reliability prediction for offshore renewable energy: Data driven insights

Ewing, F.J., Thies, P.R., Waldron, B., Shek, J. and Wilkinson, M. 2017

Review and application of Rainflow residue processing techniques for accurate fatigue damage estimation

Marsh, G., Wignall, C., Thies, P.R., Barltrop, V., Incecik, A., Venugopal, V. amd Johanning, L. 2017

Testing the robustness of optimal access vessel fleet selection for operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms

Sperstad, I.B.,Stålhane, M., Dinwoodie, I., Endrerude, O.-E. V., Martin, R. and Warner, E. 2017


Comparison of Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimization Using a Genetic Algorithm and a Particle Swarm Optimizer

Pillai, A.C., Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. and Barbouchi, S. 2016

Sensitivity analysis of offshore wind farm operation and maintenance cost and availability

Martin, R., Lazakis, I., Barbouch, S. and Johanning, L. 2016


Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farms Using a Genetic Algorithm

Pillai, A.C.,Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. and Pelissier, S. 2015


Offshore wind farm electrical cable layout optimization

Pillai, A.C., Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. and de Laleu. V. 2014


Condition Monitoring: Final Report on an Holistic Approach to Wind Turbine Monitoring

Futter, D.N., Chevalier, R., Gilbert, D., Muguelanez, E., Whittle, M. and Infield, D. 2013