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Macro DE - Energy Demand Analysis in Great Britain

Meidl, P., Sipowicz, M., Murshed, S.M., Jumel, S., Jobson, M., Oluleye, G., OHanlon, I., McKeon, K., Griessbaum, N., Nichersu, A. 2012


Macro DE - Technology Development Opportunities

Lok, K., Adler, D., Cripps, A and Woods, P. 2011

Micro DE - Analysis of the Benefits of Buildings Energy Services Control System

Lander, D., Patterson, M., Preston-Barnes, H. and Iles, P. 2011

Micro DE - Micro DE Technology Comparisons

Bontemps, N., Esteve, A., McKoen, K. and Mermond, Y. 2011

Micro DE - Modelling the Cost Effectiveness and Potential Uptake of Technologies in Existing UK Residential Buildings

Oreszczyn, T., Hamilton, I., Mavrogianni, A., Oikonomou, E., Raslan, R., Smith, A., Spataru.C. and Stone, A 2011

Micro DE - Plan for Larger Field Trials

Preston-Barnes, H. and Patterson, M. 2011

Micro DE - Project Summary Report

Patterson, M., Preston-Barnes, H. and Oreszczyn. T, 2011


Macro DE - Development of a methodology to calculate energy demand

McKoen, K., Koch, A., Murshed, S.M., Meidl, P., Nichersu, A., Jumel, S. and Limani, B. 2010

Macro DE - Project Baseline Objectives

Barton, M., Kirton, A., Silletti, B., Smith, R., Gautier, L., Neeson, S., McKoen, K., McWilliam, L. and Jobson, M 2010

Micro DE - Review of Previous Work on Energy User Behaviour

Oikonomou, E., Oreszczyn, T., Shipworth, D. and Stone, A. 2010