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Results - The UKERC/UKCCSC Carbon Capture and Storage Roadmap (October 2007)

Author(s) Clair Gough, Sarah Mander, Stuart Haszeldine, Jane Palmer
Abstract This report describes the output of a two day workshop held in Edinburgh in May 2007, which followed an online technical survey of stakeholders and experts conducted during 2006 (Gough, 2007). Whilst it is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the discussions that took place, participants also reached consensus over five key conclusions; these are presented in Section 2. Three graphics have been developed to synthesise the workshop discussions, representing the externalities relevant to the development of CCS in the UK, and goals relevant to the short- and long-term application of CCS in the UK respectively. This distinction between short- and long-term broadly reflects the transition from the pre-commercial application to full scale commercialisation of CCS, although frequently actions in the short-term are necessary to achieve the goals identified for the longer-term. The graphics are presented at the end of Section 2. To ensure that the full spectrum of the workshop discussions is captured in the report, the workshop conveners reflect on the overall outcomes in Section 3. A summary of the workshop process, including presentations from the UKCCSC/UKERC team is to be found in Section 4. An overview of each of the break-out group topics is contained in Section 5, with comprehensive notes of all the discussion within the Appendices, along with a list of workshop participants.
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