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Results - Nuclear Fission Energy Roadmap (April 2008)

Author(s) Dr PJA Howarth, Dalton Nuclear Institute
Abstract The purpose of this document is to summarise the technology roadmap for nuclear fission in the UK. It is not possible to point to any one document to provide a comprehensive technology roadmap covering all aspects of the nuclear industry. This is due to the broadness of the industry covering reactor operation, fuel cycle infrastructure, legacy waste management, decommissioning, naval propulsion etc. Given the UK Energy Research Centre is predominately interested in energy generation, this paper concentrates on the technology roadmap for reactor systems. To help put this in context this document does cover other aspects of the industry such as fuel cycle technology, disposal and decommissioning although not in as much as detail as for reactor systems
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Year 2008
Status Archived
Timescale to 2030
Geographic Coverage UK
Funder UKERC
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Stakeholder Academic researchers, industry, government
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