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Results - UKERC Energy Research Roadmap Synthesis: Wind Energy (May 2014)

Author(s) Compiled by Samantha Quinn, University of Edinburgh
Abstract This document reviews and highlights the significant information presented in six wind energy (both onshore and offshore) roadmaps. This document provides the latest information on wind energy roadmaps. There has been several wind energy roadmaps published providing a national and global perspective to increasing wind energy deployment for both onshore and offshore wind. These documents will continue to be updated overtime as progress within the industry is made. The roadmaps within this document provide an overview of the strategies taken from several countries, as well as examine the industry on a global scale. Whilst the scope and strategy of the roadmaps may differ, they share similar themes including technology development and innovation, need for better siting guidelines, policy framework and increased funding. Additionally, there is a focus on the identification of synergies between offshore wind and ocean energy. The roadmaps reviewed within this document provide a high-level understanding of the current state of the wind energy sector, as well as challenges and opportunities for the successful acceleration of the industry.
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Year 2014
Status Archived
Timescale 2015-2050
Geographic Coverage Worldwide
Funder UKERC
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Stakeholder Academic researchers, industry, government
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