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Results - Technology Roadmap: Geothermal Heat and Power (2011)

Author(s) IEA
Abstract Geothermal energy today is mainly known for its reliable production of base-load power – the power needed to meet minimum demands – in areas where geological conditions permit fluids to transfer heat from the Earth to the surface in self-flowing wells at high temperatures. However, geothermal resources at moderate temperatures can be found in aquifers that are widespread. Such resources can be used in binary power plants, combined heat and power plants or in heat-only applications. Emerging geothermal technologies that extract energy from the hot rock resources found everywhere in the world hold much promise for expanding the production of geothermal power and heat.
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Year 2011
Status Archived
Timescale upto 2050
Geographic Coverage Worldwide
Funder IEA
Methods No Data Supplied
Stakeholder Academic researchers, industry, government
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