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Results - Technology Roadmap: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (2015)

Author(s) IEA
Abstract Most hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are still in the early stages of commercialisation and currently struggle to compete with alternative technologies, including other low-carbon options, due to high costs. Additional attention will be required before their potential can be fully realised. Governments can help accelerate the development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies by ensuring continued research, development and demonstration (RD&D) funding for hydrogen generation and conversion technologies, such as electrolysers and fuel cells. This will facilitate early commercialisation of fuel cell electric vehicles and support demonstration projects for VRE integration using hydrogen-based energy storage applications. Overcoming risks related to investment in infrastructure hinges upon close collaboration among many stakeholders, such as the oil and gas industry, utilities and power grid providers, car manufacturers, and local, regional and national authorities.
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Year 2015
Status Current
Timescale upto 2050
Geographic Coverage Worldwide
Funder IEA
Methods No Data Supplied
Stakeholder Academic researchers, industry, government
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