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Mitigation from a Cross-sectoral perspective

Citation Barker, T. and Bashmakov, I. Mitigation from a Cross-sectoral perspective. Cambridge University Press. 2007.
Author(s) Barker, T. and Bashmakov, I.
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Editor Metz, B., Davidson, O., Bosch, P., Dave, R., and Meyer, L.
ISBN 978-0-521-88011-4
Opus Title Climate Change 2007 - Mitigation of Climate Change
Pages 11

This chapter takes a cross-sectoral approach to mitigation options and costs, and brings together the information in Chapters 4 to 10 to assess overall mitigation potential. It compares these sectoral estimates with the top-down estimates from Chapter 3, adopting a more short- and medium-term perspective, taking the assessment to 2030. It assesses the cross-sectoral and macroeconomic cost literatures since the Third Assessment Report (TAR) (IPCC, 2001), and those covering the transition to a lowcarbon economy, spillovers and co-benefits of mitigation.