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Workshop on modelling future energy technology cost and choice

Citation Strachan, N. and Ozkan, N. Workshop on modelling future energy technology cost and choice. UKERC. 2005.
Author(s) Strachan, N. and Ozkan, N.
Publisher UKERC
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UKERC Report Number UKERC/MR/ESM/2005/003

This workshop brought together researchers working within the International Energy Agency’s ETSAP network of MARKAL model users, together with a broad range of practitioners from the UK energy modelling community.

This opportunity for the two modelling communities to learn from each other’s work was enabled by the UK hosting the regular ETSAP semi-annual meeting which discussed modelling issues related to the MARKAL / TIMES family of energy models on subsequent days. One of the purposes of the UKERC Meeting Place is to develop networking and collaboration between UK energy researchers and also with the wider network of international energy practitioners.

The costs and characteristics of future energy technologies and how quickly they penetrate markets is a fundamental driver in the evolution of energy systems. Future technology cost is critical in assessing the costs of energy policies, ranging from economic competitiveness, environmental protection and emission mitigation, security of supply and equitable access to energy services. In response, a major ongoing effort by the energy modelling community has sought to better understand and incorporate this key driver of technological change into their energy models.

The scope of the workshop was to:

  • highlight the approaches in a range of energy models to determining the future costs of existing technologies and the introduction of currently pre-commercial energy technologies;
  • stimulate discussion on conflicting and complementary approaches to characterizing future energy technologies.