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The Rationale for and Economic Implications of Dematerialisation

Citation Ekins, P. The Rationale for and Economic Implications of Dematerialisation. Greenleaf Publishing. 2009.
Author(s) Ekins, P.
Publisher Greenleaf Publishing
Editor Bleischwitz, R., Welfens, P. and Xiang Zhang, Z.
ISBN 9781906093280
Opus Title Sustainable Growth and Resource productivity: Economic and Global Policy Issues
Pages 15

Sustainable management of natural resources is a crucial element for a sustainable development, but also a precondition for economic growth. The book analyses raw materials supply and resource use in a global context. The contributions present state-of-the art results and perspectives on the availability of resources. They discuss factors such as demand from emerging and other countries as well as critical shortage of some materials together with the resulting consequences for economies. It also gives new views and perspectives on the sustainable growth in ermerging economies and examines the possibilities and experiences concerning the decoupling of resource use from economic growth. Moreover, it offers cross-country comparisons with emphasis on emerging countries. A key focus is placed on China regarding its domestic energy, climate and resource policy but also its developing foreign policy in Africa.