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A Supply Chain Approach to Gas Security

Citation Bradshaw, M A Supply Chain Approach to Gas Security. 2012.
Author(s) Bradshaw, M
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Opus Title Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Venue Oxford

This report is divided into three sections. The first section reports on the development of a supply chain approach to global gas security; the second section reports on the findings of three case studies; and the final section deploys the supply chain approach to assess the challenges to UK gas security. The report concludes by considering the policy implications of our research and identifies areas for further research and monitoring.

Three case studies form the core of this project. They represent important issues that are likely to influence UK gas security over the short- to medium-term (5-15 years). The first case study examines the impact of US shale gas and considers both upstream security of supply impacts and downstream impacts. The case study reveals that without a single molecule of shale gas being exported from North America, the pace and scale of the US shale gas revolution is already having a significant impact on global gas markets.