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Public opinion Energy security

Citation Philo, G. Public opinion Energy security. 2012.
Author(s) Philo, G.
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UKERC Report Number UKERC/BP/ES/2012/002
  • Public awareness of energy security issues is low – and the issue is seen as less controversial than climate change
  • Once the term is explained, however, people are concerned that it is not high enough on the political agenda
  • People report that messages related to energy security are not being communicated clearly
  • They feel that the responsibility for action lies with government, rather than with themselves
  • People are generally supportive of renewables, but current coverage is creating uncertainty and the discourse between politicians, scientists and the media is causing people to switch off
  • People are unhappy about the UK’s dependence on gas imports, with some open to nuclear power
  • Scientists need to take greater responsibility for bringing energy security onto the political agenda.