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Results - Annual Publications List for 2013

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Crosscutting Projects


New Challenges in energy Security - The UK in a Multipolar World

subsectionMitchell, C., Watson, J. and Whiting, J. 2013

Journal Article

The dynamics of solar PV costs and prices as a challenge for technology forecasting

subsectionCandelise, C., Winskel, M. and Gross, R. 2013

The structure of uncertainty in future low carbon pathways

subsectionHughes N., R. Gross and N. Strachan 2013

Accelerating the development of marine energy: Exploring the prospects, benefits and challenges

subsectionJeffrey, H., Jay, B. and Winskel, M. 2013

Methods of estimating shale gas resources - Comparison, evaluation and implications

subsectionMcGlade, C. Speirs, J. and Sorrell, S. 2013

Learning pathways for energy supply technologies: Bridging between innovation studies and learning rates

subsectionWinskel, M., Markusson, N., Jeffrey, H., Candelise, C., Dutton, G., Howarth, P., Jablonski, S., Kalyvas, C. and Ward, D. 2013

Energy Demand (Demand Reduction)


The Global Challenge Of Encouraging Sustainable Living, Opportunities, Barriers, Policy and Practice

subsectionFudge, S., Peters, M., Hoffman, S.M. and Wehrmeyer, W. 2013

Book Chapter

Decentralisation of governance in the low carbon transition

subsectionEyre, N. 2013

The national debate on behaviour change in the UK: some observations on responsibility, agency and political dimensions

subsectionFudge S. and Peters M. 2013

Building Expertise: Renovation as Professional Innovation

subsectionJanda, K.B. and Killip G. 2013

Energy efficiency policy in Germany and the UK

subsectionRosenow, J. 2013

Journal Article

Why is renewable heat in the UK underperforming? A socio-technical perspective

subsectionBergman, N. 2013

Accelerating the transformation to a low carbon passenger transport system: The role of car purchase taxes, feebates, road taxes and scrappage incentives in the UK

subsectionBrand, C., Anable, J. and Tran, M. 2013

Associations of individual, household and environmental characteristics with carbon dioxide emissions from motorised passenger travel

subsectionBrand, C., Goodman, A., Rutter, H., Song, Y. and Ogilvie, D. 2013

Geographies of energy transition: Space, place and the low-carbon economy

subsectionBridge, G., Bouzarovski, S., Bradshaw, M. and Eyre, N. 2013

Energy Saving in Energy Market Reform - The Feed-in Tariffs Option

subsectionEyre, N. 2013

Organisation and governance of urban energy systems: district heating and cooling in the UK

subsectionHawkey, D., Webb, J. and Winskel, M. 2013

A Middle-Out Approach for Improving Energy Performance in Buildings

subsectionJanda, K.B. and Parag, Y. 2013

Lessons from energy efficiency policy and programmes in the UK 1973 to 2013

subsectionMallaburn, P. and Eyre, N. 2013

Network approach for local and community governance of energy: The case of Oxfordshire

subsectionParag, Y., Hamilton, J., White, V. and Hogan, B. 2013

The Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation

subsectionRosenow, J. and Eyre, N. 2013

Evaluating the Evaluations: evidence from energy efficiency programmes in Germany and the UK

subsectionRosenow, J. and Galvin R. 2013

Overcoming the Upfront Investment Barrier - Comparing the German Co2 Building Rehabilitation Programme And the British Green Deal

subsectionRosenow, J., Eyre, N., Burger, V. and Rohde, C. 2013

The role of instrumental, hedonic and symbolic attributes in the intention to adopt electric vehicles

subsectionSchuitema, G., Anable, J., Kinnear,N., Stannard, J. and Skippon, S. 2013

Historical daily gas and electrical energy flows through Great Britains transmission networks and the decarbonisation of domestic heat

subsectionWilson, I.A., Rennie, A., Ding, Y., Eames, P.C., Hall, P.J. and Kelly, N.J. 2013

Policy Briefing Paper

Feed in Tariffs: the energy saving option

subsectionEyre, N. 2013 document type

UKERC Research Report

Understanding Homeowners Renovation Decisions: Findings of the VERD Project

subsectionWilson, C. and Chrysochoidis, G. 2013 document type

Energy Supply (Energy Infrastructure and Supply)

Book Chapter

Nuclear Power after 3/11: Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

subsectionButler, C., Parkhill, K. and Pidgeon, N. 2013

Consultation Response

UKERC response to the Energy and Climate Change Committee's Inquiry on Heat

subsectionSansom, R., Jenkins, N., Chaudry, M., Eyre, N., Watson, J. 2013 document type

Journal Article

A sequential Monte Carlo model of the combined GB gas and electricity network

subsectionChaudry, M., Wu, J. and Jenkins, N. 2013

Landscapes of threat: Exploring discourses of stigma around large energy developments

subsectionParkhill,K., Butler,C. and Pidgeon,N.F. 2013

Energy consumption and economic analyses of a district heating network

subsectionPirouti, M., Bagdanavicius, A., Ekanayake, J., Wu, J. and Jenkins, N. 2013

Dimensions and determinants of expert and public attitudes to sustainable transport policies and technologies

subsectionXenias, D. and Whitmarsh, L. 2013

UKERC Research Report

Transforming the UK Energy System: Public Values, Attitudes and Acceptability external website

subsectionParkhill, K., Demski, C., Butler, C., Spence, A. and Pidgeon, N. 2013

UKERC Working Paper

Transforming the UK Energy System: Public Values, Attitudes & Acceptability.Deliberating Energy System Transitions in the UK.

subsectionButler, C., Parkhill, K., and Pidgeon, N. 2013 document type

Transforming the UK Energy System: Public values, attitudes and acceptability, Summary findings of a survey conducted August 2012.

subsectionDemski, C. Spence, A. and Pidgeon, N. 2013 document type

Public Attitudes to Nuclear Power and Climate Change in Britain Two Years after the Fukushima Accident: Summary findings of a survey conducted in March 2013 - Working Paper

subsectionPoortinga, W., Pidgeon, N.F., Capstick, S. and Aoyagi, M. 2013 document type

Energy Systems (Energy Systems and Modelling)

Book Chapter

Sustainability, Climate Change, and Transition in Global Energy

subsectionBradshaw, M.J. 2013

Journal Article

The structure of uncertainty in future low carbon pathways

subsectionHughes N., R. Gross and N. Strachan 2013

Un-burnable oil: An examination of oil resource utilisation in a decarbonised energy system

subsectionMcGlade, C. and Ekins, P. 2013

Investment risk and return under renewable decarbonization of a power market

subsectionMunoz J.I. and Bunn D.W. 2013

An expert elicitation of climate, energy and economic uncertainties

subsectionUsher, W. and Strachan, N. 2013

Resolving or managing uncertainties for carbon capture and storage: Lessons from historical analogues.

subsectionWatson, J., Kern, F. and Markusson, N. 2013

Policy Briefing Paper

Low-carbon, resilient scenarios for the UK energy system in 2050

subsectionEkins. P., Keppo. I., Skea. J., Strachan. N., Usher. W. and Anandarajah. G. 2013 document type

UKERC Research Report

The UK energy system in 2050: Comparing Low-Carbon, Resilient Scenarios

subsectionEkins, P., Keppo, I., Skea, J., Strachan, N., Usher, W. and Anandarajah, G. 2013 document type

Energy and Environment (Environmental Sustainability)

Book Chapter

Uncertainty and Variability in MRIO Analysis

subsectionOwen, A. 2013

Journal Article

Cost and potential of carbon abatement from the UK perennial energy crop market

subsectionAlexander, P., Moran, D., Rounsevell, M.D.A., Hillier, J. and Smith, P. 2013

Estimating UK perennial energy crop supply using farm-scale models with spatially disaggregated data

subsectionAlexander, P., Moran, D., Smith, P.,Hastings, A., Wang, S., Sunnenberg, G., Lovett, A., Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Taylor, G., Finch, J. and Cisowska, I. 2013

The potential of offshore windfarms to act as marine protected areas A systematic review of current evidence

subsectionAshley, M.C., Mangi, S.C. and Rodwell, L.D. 2013

Consumption-based GHG emission accounting: a UK case study

subsectionBarrett, J., Peters, G., Wiedmann, T., Scott K., Lenzen, M., Roelich, K. and Le Qur, C. 2013

The technical potential of Great Britain to produce ligno-cellulosic biomass for bioenergy in current and future climates

subsectionHastings, A., Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Matthews, R.W., Henshall, P.A., Milner, S., Smith, P. and Taylor, G. 2013

Tidal barrages in the UK: Ecological and social impacts, potential mitigation, and tools to support barrage planning

subsectionHooper, T. and Austen, M. 2013

The availability of land for perennial energy crops in Great Britain

subsectionLovett, A., Sunnenberg, G. and Dockerty, T. 2013

Carbon footprints of cities and other human settlements in the UK

subsectionMinx, J., Baiocchi, G., Wiedmann, T., Barrett, J., Creutzig, F., Feng, K., Forster, M., Pichler, P., Weisz, H. and Hubacek, K. 2013

A GIS based assessment of bioenergy potential in England within existing energy systems

subsectionThomas, A.R.C., Bond, A.J. and Hiscock, K.M. 2013

The potential for bioenergy crops to contribute to meeting GB heat and electricity demands

subsectionWang, S., Hastings, A., Wang, S., Sunnenberg, G., Tallis, M.J., Casella, E., Taylor, S., Alexander, P., Cisowska, I., Lovett, A., Taylor, G., Firth, S., Moran, D., Morison, J. and Smith, P. 2013

Policy-relevant applications of environmentally extended MRIO databases - Experiences from the UK

subsectionWiedmann, T. and Barrett, J. 2013

Policy Briefing Paper

Policy Briefing : An introduction to ecosystem services

subsectionBeaumont, N 2013 document type

Technology and Policy Assessment

Journal Article

Lights into flights: estimating direct and indirect rebound effects for UK households

subsectionChitnis, M. S. Sorrell, A. Druckman and T. Jackson 2013

A system dynamics model of tellurium availability for CdTe PV

subsectionHouari, Y., Speirs, J., Candelise, C. and Gross R. 2013

Unconventional gas - A review of regional and global resource estimates

subsectionMcGlade, C., Speirs, J. and Sorrell, S. 2013

UKERC Research Report

Presenting the Future: An assessment of future costs estimation methodologies in the electricity generation sector

subsectionGross, R., Heptonstall, P., Greenacre, P., Candelise, C., Jones, F. and Castillo Castillo, A. 2013 document type

Energy Materials Availability Handbook

subsectionSpeirs, J., Gross, B., Gross, R. and Houari, Y. 2013 document type

UKERC Working Paper

Materials Availability, Working Paper I: Thin Film Photovoltaics.

subsectionSpeirs, J., Gross, R., Candelise, C. and Gross, B. 2013 document type

Materials Availability, Working paper III: Comparison of material criticality studies - methodologies and results.

subsectionSpeirs, J., Houari, Y. and Gross, R. 2013 document type

Materials Availability, Working paper II: Potential constraints to the future low-carbon economy: Batteries, Magnets and Materials.

subsectionSpeirs, J., Houari, Y., Contestabile, M., Gross, R. and Gross, B. 2013 document type

No Research Area applies

Consultation Response

House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee: Inquiry on The Economic Impact on Energy Policy of Shale Gas and Oil - Response on behalf of the UK Energy Research Centre

subsectionBradshaw. M. and Watson. J. 2013 document type

Electricity Demand Reduction - UKERC Consultation Response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change

subsectionEyre, N. and Wilson, C. 2013 document type

Research Landscape

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Hydropower

subsectionAggidis, G. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Fuel Cells

subsectionBrandon, N 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Hydrogen

subsectionDutton, A.G., Halliday, J.A. and Mays, T. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Electric Power Conversion

subsectionGahan, D. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Wind

subsectionHalliday, J.A. and Ruddell, A.J. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Socio-Economic Issues (2013)

subsectionHannon, M 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Nuclear Fission

subsectionHowarth, P.J.A. and Stonell, D. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Solar Energy

subsectionIrvine, S.J.C. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Energy Storage (2013)

subsectionRuddell, A.J. 2013 document type

UKERC Energy Research Landscape: Nuclear Fusion

subsectionWarrick, C., O'Brien, M., Ward, D., Nelson, C. and Edwards, C. 2013 document type

UKERC Working Paper

Record of the UKERC-supported Wind Energy Research Road Mapping meeting

subsectionInfield, D.G. 2013 document type