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Crosscutting Projects

New Challenges in energy Security - The UK in a Multipolar World

subsectionMitchell, C., Watson, J. and Whiting, J. 2013

Energy 2050: Making the Transition to a Secure Low Carbon Energy System

subsectionSkea J, Ekins P and Winskel M 2011

Energy Demand (Demand Reduction)

The Global Challenge Of Encouraging Sustainable Living, Opportunities, Barriers, Policy and Practice

subsectionFudge, S., Peters, M., Hoffman, S.M. and Wehrmeyer, W. 2013

Carbon Markets An International Business Guide

subsectionBrohe, A., Eyre, N. and Howarth, N. 2009

Personal Travel and Climate Change - Exploring Climate Change Emissions from Personal Travel Activity of Individuals and Households

subsectionBrand, C 2008

Energy Supply (Energy Infrastructure and Supply)

Renewable Energy in Power Systems

subsectionFreris, L and Infield, D. 2008

The Political Economy of Sustainable Energy

subsectionMitchell, C 2007

Energy Systems (Energy Systems and Modelling)

Carbon-energy taxation: lessons from Europe

subsectionAndersen, M.S. and Ekins, P. 2009

Modelling Long-Term Scenarios for Low Carbon Societies

subsectionStrachan N., T. Foxon, and J. Fujino 2008

Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Contribution of Working Group III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change external website

subsectionBarker, T. et al 2007

Technology and Policy Assessment

Energy efficiency and Sustainable Consumption. The Rebound Effect

subsectionHerring, H and Sorrell, S. 2008

Future Sources of Energy

Renewable Energy in Power Systems

subsectionFreris, L and Infield, D. 2008