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Chapter Eleven - Cycling, climate change and air pollution external website

subsectionBrand, C., Dekker, H-J. and Behrendt, F. 2022

Industrial energy use and carbon emissions reduction: a UK perspective

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Evaluating the impacts of new walking and cycling infrastructure on carbon dioxide emissions from motorized travel: A controlled longitudinal study

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Why is renewable heat in the UK underperforming? A socio-technical perspective

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Accelerating the transformation to a low carbon passenger transport system: The role of car purchase taxes, feebates, road taxes and scrappage incentives in the UK

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Associations of individual, household and environmental characteristics with carbon dioxide emissions from motorised passenger travel

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Geographies of energy transition: Space, place and the low-carbon economy

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Energy Saving in Energy Market Reform - The Feed-in Tariffs Option

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Organisation and governance of urban energy systems: district heating and cooling in the UK

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A Middle-Out Approach for Improving Energy Performance in Buildings

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Lessons from energy efficiency policy and programmes in the UK 1973 to 2013

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Network approach for local and community governance of energy: The case of Oxfordshire

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The Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation

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Overcoming the Upfront Investment Barrier - Comparing the German Co2 Building Rehabilitation Programme And the British Green Deal

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Evaluating the Evaluations: evidence from energy efficiency programmes in Germany and the UK

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The role of instrumental, hedonic and symbolic attributes in the intention to adopt electric vehicles

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Historical daily gas and electrical energy flows through Great Britains transmission networks and the decarbonisation of domestic heat

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Modelling transport energy demand: a socio-technical approach

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Building Communities: Why We Need a New Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Energy Use in Tenanted Commercial Property

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Mobilizing community energy

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The UK transport carbon model: an integrated life cycle approach to explore low carbon futures

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Carbon footprints in a bipolar, climate-constrained world

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Personal carbon trading: is now the right time?

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Impact review of past UK public industrial energy efficiency RD&D programmes

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Decomposition analysis of energy-related carbon emissions from UK manufacturing

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Carbon Management, local governance and community engagement

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The potential for community groups to promote sustainable living

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Energy Savings Obligations in the UK A History of Change

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What role for micro-generation in a shift to a low carbon domestic energy sector in the UK?

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Behaviour change in the UK climate debate: an assessment of responsibility, agency and political dimensions external website

subsectionFudge S. and Peters M. 2011

Paradigms, policy and governance: the politics of energy regulation in the UK post-2000

subsectionFudge S., Peters M., Mulugetta Y. and Jackson T 2011

Buildings don't use energy: people do

subsectionJanda, K. 2011

Buildings Don't Use Energy: People Do external website

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Alternative Travel Futures: Guest editorial and introduction to special issue

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Personal Carbon Trading: A Radical Policy Option for Reducing Emissions from the Domestic Sector

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Scientific Research about Climate Change Mitigation in Transport: A critical review

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Policy Attribute Framing: A Comparison between Three Policy Instruments for Personal Emissions Reduction

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North and south: regional footprints on the transition pathway towards a low carbon, global economy

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Ecological debt: exploring the factors that influence national environmental footprints

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Egalite, fraternite, sustainabilite: evaluating the significance of regional affluence and population growth on carbon emissions

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Personal carbon trading: A policy ahead of its time?

subsectionFawcett, T. 2010

The role of bioenergy in the UK's energy future: formulation and modelling of long-term UK bioenergy scenarios

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Thoughts on Energy and Buildings Research in the UK: objectives, methods and funding mechanisms

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Two Models for Benchmarking UK Domestic Energy Demand

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Changes in energy demand from low-energy homes

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"Hockey Sticks" Made of Carbon - Unequal Distribution of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Personal Travel in the United Kingdom

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The influence of thermodynamic ideas on ecological economics: an interdisciplinary critique

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Analysis of errors in degree days for building energy analysis using Meteorolgical Office weather station data.

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Policy and strategy challenges for climate change and building stocks

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Promoting physical activity and reducing climate change: opportunities to replace short car trips with active transportation

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Consumersuppliergovernment triangular relations: Rethinking the UK policy path for carbon emissions reduction from the UK residential sector

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Smarter choices: Assessing the potential to achieve traffic reduction using 'soft measures'

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Lighting power

subsectionCurtis, D. 2008

Power management in networked desktops external website

subsectionCurtis, D. and Noble, H. 2008

Enabling technologies for industrial energy demand management

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Engineering sustainability: energy efficiency, thermodynamic analysis and the industrial sector

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Risk Assessment of UK Electricity Supply in a Rapidly Evolving Energy Sector

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Degree days for building energy management - presentation of new data set.

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Analysis of errors in degree days for building energy analysis using Meteorolgical Office weather stations data

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Priorities, policies and (time)scales: the delivery of emissions reductions in the UK transport sector

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Examining the carbon agenda via the 40% house scenario

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Electricity disclosure: the troubled birth of a new policy

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Industrial Energy Analysis and Management: a European Perspective

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Industrial energy analysis, thermodynamics and sustainability

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Energy and sustainability in a complex world: reflections on the ideas of Howard T. Odum

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Thermodynamic and related analysis of natural gas combined cycle power plants with and without carbon sequestration

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Electricity disclosure: the troubled birth of a new policy

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Interdisciplinary perspectives on environmental appraisal and valuation techniques

subsectionHammond, G.P. and Winnett, A.B. 2006


The Global Challenge Of Encouraging Sustainable Living, Opportunities, Barriers, Policy and Practice

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Carbon Markets An International Business Guide

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Personal Travel and Climate Change - Exploring Climate Change Emissions from Personal Travel Activity of Individuals and Households

subsectionBrand, C 2008

Book Chapter

Decentralisation of governance in the low carbon transition

subsectionEyre, N. 2013

The national debate on behaviour change in the UK: some observations on responsibility, agency and political dimensions

subsectionFudge S. and Peters M. 2013

Building Expertise: Renovation as Professional Innovation

subsectionJanda, K.B. and Killip G. 2013

Energy efficiency policy in Germany and the UK

subsectionRosenow, J. 2013

Urban Energy Systems

subsectionEyre. N. and Curtis. D. 2012

Climate change

subsectionFawcett, T. 2012

The Role of Institutions, Governance and Planning for Mitigation and Adaptation by Cities

subsectionBulkeley, H., H. Schroeder, K. B. Janda, et al. 2011

Hydrogen system modelling

subsectionBalta-Ozkan, N. and Strachan, N. 2010

Engaging people in saving energy on a large scale: lessons from the programmes of the Energy Saving Trust in the UK

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Personal Carbon Budgets, Helping individuals to live in a carbon constrained world

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Transport Policies and Climate Change

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Making it personal: per capita carbon allowances

subsectionFawcett, T, Meyer, N.I. and Hvelplund, F. 2009

Mapping the UK Political Landscape

subsectionSkea, J 2007

Conference Paper

Presentation on Energy Efficiency and Buildings. Chevening Fellowship Programme on The Economics of Energy, Birmingham 1st March 2010

subsectionEyre, N. 2010

Decomposing Changes in the Energy Demand of UK Manufacturing

subsectionHammond, G.P. and Norman, J.B. 2010

UKERC Energy 2050: Key Messages

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

Personal Carbon Budgets

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

The impact of lifestyle and social change on the UK energy system

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

The impact of lifestyle and social change on the UK energy system in 2050

subsectionEyre, N. 2009

Energy Company Obligations to Save Energy in Italy, the UK and France: What have we learnt? external website

subsectionEyre, N., Pavan, M. and Bodineau, L. 2009

Buildings Don't Use Energy: People Do

subsectionJanda, K. B 2009

Building Expertise and Understanding: Climate-Responsive Responsibilities for Professionals and Users

subsectionK. Janda 2009

Cities and Climate Change: The role of institutions, governance and urban planning.

subsectionJanda, K. 2009

Exploring the social dimensions of energy use: a review of recent research initiatives external website

subsectionJanda, K. B 2009

The Social Organization of Energy Research: A Review of Recent Initiatives

subsectionK. Janda 2009 document type

UKERC Research Report

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative

subsectionCairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, T., Hardy, J., McLachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E. and Sharmina, M. 2020 document type

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Brighton and Hove Energy Services

subsectionCairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, T., Hardy, J., McLachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E. and Sharmina, M. 2020 document type

How Local Authorities can encourage citizen participation in energy transitions. An Energy-PIECES report.

subsectionHaf, S. and Robison, R. 2020 document type

The social dimensions of moving away from gas cookers and hobs: Challenges and opportunities in transition to low-carbon cooking. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionKhalid, R. and Foulds, C. 2020 document type

Governing the UKs transition to decarbonised heating: Lessons from a systematic review of past and ongoing heat transitions. An Energy-PIECES report

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Zero-In on NI-Heat: Pathways to Heat Decarbonisation in Northern Ireland

subsectionVorushylo, I., Ogunrin, S., Ghosh, R., Brandoni, C. and Hewitt, N.J. 2020 document type

Better domestic energy advice in England? A narrative literature review. An Energy-PIECES report

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What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems - Ambitions, Activities, Business Structures & Ways Forward

subsectionWebb, J., Tingey, M. and Hawkey, D. 2017 document type

The Future Role of Thermal Energy Storage in the UK Energy System: An Assessment of the Technical Feasibility and Factors Influencing Adoption - Research Report

subsectionEames, P., Loveday, D., Haines, V. and Romanos, P. 2014 document type

Understanding Homeowners Renovation Decisions: Findings of the VERD Project

subsectionWilson, C. and Chrysochoidis, G. 2013 document type

UKERC Working Paper

Watt-er Conservation: Conversations on Energy Use in Water Services

subsectionMottram, H. 2024 document type

The potential impacts of Brexit on Energy Efficiency Scotland funding - Working paper

subsectionKatris, A., Turner, K., McEwen, N., Munro, F., Cairney, P. and McHarg, A. 2020 document type

Incumbency in the UK heat sector and implications for the transformation towards low-carbon heating

subsectionLowes, R., Woodman, B. and Clark, M. 2018 document type

UKERC Energy Strategy Under Uncertainties: Uncertainties in Energy Demand in Residential Heating - Working Paper

subsectionEyre. N. and Buruah. P. 2014 document type

Energy 2050 - WG1 Energy Demand : Lifestyle and Energy Consumption - working paper

subsectionAnable, J., Brand, C., Eyre, N., Layberry, R., Bergman, N., Strachan, N., Fawcett, T., and Tran, M. 2011 document type

Bottom-up social innovation for addressing climate change. ECI Energy Group working paper

subsectionBergman, N., Connor P., Markusson, N., Middlemiss, L. and Ricci, M. 2010

UK Transport Carbon Model

subsectionBrand, C. 2010 document type

The experience of carbon rationing action groups: implications for a personal carbon allowances policy

subsectionHowell, R. 2009 document type

Personal Carbon Budgeting: What People Need to Know, Learn and Have in Order to Manage and Live Within a Carbon Budget, and the Policies that Could Support Them?

subsectionParag, Y. and Strickland, D. 2009 document type

Implementation of Energy Performance Certificates in the Domestic Sector

subsectionBanks, N. 2008 document type

Quick Hits : 4 : Car Clubs

subsectionLedbury, M. 2007 document type

Carbon labelling: evidence, issues and questions

subsectionWhite, R., Boardman, B. and Thottath, S. 2007 document type

Personal Carbon Trading: Excluding Public Transportation

subsectionBottrill, C. 2006 document type

Quick Hits : 3 : Traffic Signals

subsectionLedbury, M. 2006 document type

Quick Hits : 1 : Eco-driving

subsectionLedbury, M. 2006 document type

Quick Hits : 2 : Limiting Speed

subsectionLedbury, M. 2006 document type

Predict and Decide: The Potential of Economic Policy to Address the Effect of Aviation Trends on Climate Change

subsectionCairns, S. and Newson, C. 2005 document type

Energy Use and Carbon Emissions from the Higher Education Sector

subsectionFawcett, T. 2005 document type

Workshop Report

Future Research Requirements for Smart Metering Workshop

subsectionUKERC 2011 document type

Managing residential electricity demand: learning from experience in the UK and Ontario

subsectionDarby, S. and Rowlands, I. 2008 document type

Personal carbon trading (PCT):Bringing together the research community external website

subsectionKeay-Bright, S, Fawcett, T. and Howell, R. 2008

Personal carbon trading (PCT): Bringing together the research community

subsectionKeay-Bright, S., Fawcett, T. and Howell, R. 2008 document type

Engaging the public in climate change and energy demand reduction

subsectionLorenzoni, I., ONeill, S., Whitmarsh, L., Otoadese, J., Keay-Bright, S. and John, K. 2008 document type

Engaging the public in climate change and energy demand reduction: Executive summary external website

subsectionLorenzoni, I, ONeill, S, Whitmarsh, L, Otoadese, J, Keay-Bright, S. and John, K 2008

Transport and CO2

subsectionAnable, J. and Boardman, B. 2005 document type

Policy Briefing Paper

Review of Energy Policy 2022

subsectionGross, R., Webb, J., Bradshaw, M., Bell, K., Taylor, P., Gailani, A., Rattle, I., Brand, C., Anable, J., Kuzemko, C. and Froggatt, A. 2022 document type

Brexit Implications for UK Decarbonisation Objectives

subsectionFroggatt, A. and Kuzemko, C. 2021 document type

Flexibility in Great Britains gas networks: analysis of linepack

subsectionRowley, P. and Wilson, G. 2019

Incumbency and the transformation towards low carbon heating in the UK Implications for policy

subsectionLowes, R. and Woodman, B. 2018 document type

Heat decarbonisation challenges: local gas vs electricity supply

subsectionRowley, P., Wilson, G. and Taylor, R. 2018

Supporting large-scale transition to electric cars

subsectionBrand, C. and Anable, J. 2017 document type

Review of UK Energy Policy

subsectionWatson, J., Ekins, P., Wright, L., Eyre, N., Bell, K., Darby, S., Bradshaw, M., Webb, J., Gross, R., Anable, J., Brand, C., Chilvers, J., and Pidgeon, N. 2016 document type

Feed in Tariffs: the energy saving option

subsectionEyre, N. 2013 document type

Public opinion Energy security

subsectionPhilo, G. 2012 document type