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Journal Article

Financing grassroots innovation diffusion pathways: the case of UK community energy

subsectionCairns, I., Hannon, M., BraunholtzSpeight, T., McLachlan, C., Mander, S., Hardy, J., Sharming, M and Manderson, E 2023

Embedding broader values in the regulatory model: An analysis of Ofgem's consumer value proposition for the natural gas distribution sector

subsectionPoulter, H. and Bolton, R. 2023

Remaking the regulatory model? Taking stock of ten years of customer engagement in Britains energy networks

subsectionPoulter, H. and Bolton, R. 2022

Land-use change from food to energy: meta-analysis unravels effects of bioenergy on biodiversity and cultural ecosystem services

subsectionDonnison, C., Holland, R.A., Harris, Z.M., Eigenbrod, F. and Taylor, G. 2021

Policy and regulation for smart grids in the United Kingdom

subsectionConnor, P.M., Baker, P.E., Xenias, D., Balta-Ozkan, N., Axon, C.J. and Cipcigan, L. 2014

A sequential Monte Carlo model of the combined GB gas and electricity network

subsectionChaudry, M., Wu, J. and Jenkins, N. 2013

Landscapes of threat: Exploring discourses of stigma around large energy developments

subsectionParkhill,K., Butler,C. and Pidgeon,N.F. 2013

Energy consumption and economic analyses of a district heating network

subsectionPirouti, M., Bagdanavicius, A., Ekanayake, J., Wu, J. and Jenkins, N. 2013

Dimensions and determinants of expert and public attitudes to sustainable transport policies and technologies

subsectionXenias, D. and Whitmarsh, L. 2013

Assessment of Community Energy Supply Systems Using Energy, Exergy and Exergoeconomic Analysis

subsectionBagdanavicius A., Jenkins N., Hammond G. P., 2012

Power requirements for ground source heat pumps in a residential area

subsectionBagdanavicius, A. and Jenkins, N. 2012

Exergy analysis and exergoeconomics. A study of combined cycle cogeneration plant NB This article is in Lithuanian

subsectionBagdanavicius A. and Martinaitis V. 2012

Modelling UK energy system response to natural gas supply infrastructure failures

subsectionChaudry, M., Skea, J., Wang, X. and Jenkins, N. 2012

Public perceptions of geoengineering: Emerging perspectives & the challenge of upstream public engagement

subsectionCorner, A., Parkhill, K. A. and Pidgeon, N. 2012

Uncertainty and attitudes towards climate change: biased assimilation but no polarisation

subsectionCorner, A. Whitmarsh, L. and Xenias, D 2012

A 2020 GB transmission network study using dispersed wind farm power output

subsectionGerber A., Qadrdan M., Chaudry M., Jenkins N and Ekanayake J. 2012

Climate risk perception and communication: addressing a critical moment?

subsectionPidgeon, N.F. 2012

Public Perceptions of Geoengineering - Knowledge, Risk and Acceptability

subsectionPidgeon, N., Corner, A., Parkhill, K.A., Spence, A., Butler, C. and Poortinga, W 2012

From nuclear to renewable: Energy system transformation and public attitudes

subsectionPidgeon, N. and Demski, C.C. 2012

Individual-Motivational Factors in the Acceptability of Demand-Side and Supply-Side Measures to Reduce Carbon Emissions

subsectionPoortinga, W. Spence, A. And Pidgeon, N 2012

The role of gas infrastructure in promoting energy security

subsectionSkea, J, Chaudry ,M, and Wang, X 2012

Living with nuclear power: sense of place, proximity and risk perception in local host communities

subsectionVenables, D., Pidgeon, N.F., Henwood, K.L., Parkhill, K. and Simmons, P. 2012

How useful is the Multi-Level Perspective for transport and sustainability research?

subsectionWhitmarsh, L 2012

Nuclear power after Japan: the social dimensions

subsectionButler, C. Parkhill, K. Pidgeon, N 2011

Nuclear Power, climate change and energy security: Exploring British public attitudes

subsectionCorner, A., Spence, A., Poortinga, W., Demski, C., and Pidgeon, N. 2011

Bringing appraisal theory to environmental risk perception: A review of conceptual approaches and suggestions for future research

subsectionKeller, C., Bostrom, A., Kuttschreuter, M, Savadori, L., Spence, A. and White, M. 2011

The role of social and decision sciences in communicating uncertain climate risks

subsectionPidgeon, N. and Fischhoff, B 2011

Special Collection on Nanotechnologies Risk Perception and Communication

subsectionPidgeon, N.F., Harthorn, B. and Satterfield, T. 2011

Uncertain climate: An investigation into public scepticism about anthropogenic climate change

subsectionPoortinga, W., Spence, A., Whitmarsh, L., Capstick, S. and Pidgeon, N. 2011

Perceptions of climate change and willingness to save energy related to flood experiences

subsectionSpence, A., Poortinga, W., Butler C. and Pidgeon, N 2011

The psychological distance of climate change

subsectionSpence, A., Poortinga, W. and Pidgeon, N 2011

Scepticism and uncertainty about climate change: dimensions, determinants and change over time

subsectionWhitmarsh, L. 2011

Climate change or social change? Debate within, amongst, and beyond disciplines

subsectionWhitmarsh, L., ONeill, S. and Lorenzoni, I. 2011

Public Engagement with Carbon and Climate Change: To what extent is the public carbon capable?

subsectionR Whitmarsh, L., Seyfang, G. and ONeill, S 2011

Impact of a large penetration of wind generation on the GB gas network

subsectionQadrdan, M., Chaudry, M., Jainzhong, W., Jenkins, N. and Ekanayake, J. 2010

Integrated optimal power flow for electric power and heat in a MicroGrid

subsectionAwad, B., Chaudry, M., Jianzhong Wu, and Jenkins, N. 2009

EU Renewable Energy Policy: Faith or Facts

subsectionMitchell, C., Jacobsson, S., Bergek, A., Finon, D., Lauber, V., Toke, D. and Verbruggen, A. 2009

Towards trust in regulation - moving to a public value regulation

subsectionMitchell, C. and Woodman, B. 2009

Optimum control strategy for CHP unit

subsectionChaudry, M, Ekanayake, J. and Jenkins, N 2008

Multi-time Period Combined Gas and Electricity Network Optimisation

subsectionChaudry, M., Jenkins, N. and Strabc, G. 2008

UKERC bioenergy-current activity

subsectionTaylor, G. 2008

Plumbing the depths - testing natural tracers of subsurface CO2 origin and migration external website

subsectionWilkinson, M, Gilfillan, S.M.V. Haszeldine, R.S. and Ballentine, C.J. 2008

Regulatory Frameworks for Decentralised Energy

subsectionWoodman, B. and Baker, P. 2008

Development of a linear test rig for electrical power take off from waves

subsectionBaker, N.J., Mueller, M.A., Ran, L., Tavner, P.J., and McDonald, S. 2007

Macroeconomic effects of efficiency policies for energy-intensive industries: the case of the UK climate change agreements, 2000-2010.

subsectionBarker, T, Ekins, P, Foxon, T. 2007

Bury it deep external website

subsectionHaszeldine, R.S. 2007

New Lessons for Technology Policy and Climate Change: Investment for Innovation

subsectionKohler, J., Barker, T., Pan, H., Angolucci, P., Ekins,P., Foxon, T., Anderson, D., Winne, S., Dewick, P., Miozzo, M. and Green, K. 2007

Impact on wind generation on operation and development of the future UK electricity systems.

subsectionStrbac, G, Shakoor, A, Blackb, M, Pudjiantoa, D. and Boppc, T. 2007

Marine energy innovation in the UK energy system: financial capital, social capital and interactive learning

subsectionWinskel, M. 2007

Governing Technology by Intellectual Property Rights - a review of Intellectual Property Rights: Innovation, Governance and the Institutional Environment edited by Birgitte Andersen

subsectionWinskel, M. 2007

A review of natural CO2 occurrences and their relevance to CO2 storage external website

subsectionHolloway, S, Pearce, J.M, Hards, V.L. and Ohsumi, T. 2006

Top-down and bottom-up estimates of CO2 storage capacity in the UK sector of the southern North Sea Basin

subsectionHolloway, S, Vincent, C.J, Bentham, K. and Kirk, L. 2006

UK involvement in advanced reactor systems research

subsectionHowarth, P.J.A. and Abram, T.J. 2006

Objectives and applications of a statistical environmental stratification of Europe

subsectionJongman, S, Bunce, R.H.G, Metzger, R.G.H, Mucher, M.J, Howard, D.C. and Mateus, V.L. 2006

Woody biomass production during second rotation of a bioenergy Populus plantation increases in a future high CO2 world.

subsectionLiberloo. M., Calfapietra. C., Lukac. M., Godbold. D., Lou. Z-B., Polle. A., Hoosbeck. Ms., Kul.l O., Marek. M., Raines. C., Taylor. G., Scarascia-Mugnozza. G., Ceulemans. R. 2006

Quota's versus Subsidies - Risk Reduction, Efficiency and Effectiveness - A Comparison of the Renewable Obligation and the German Feed-In Law

subsectionMitchell, C., Bauknecht, D. et al 2006

Energy Crops: current Status and Future Prospects

subsectionSims REH, Hastings Schlamadinger AB, Taylor G and Smith P 2006

Energy Crops: Current Status and Future Prospects

subsectionSims, REH, Hastings Schlamadinger, AB, Taylor, G. and Smith, P. 2006

The Genetics and Genomics of Drought Response in Populus

subsectionStreet Nr Skogstrom, O, Sjodin, A, Tucker, J, Rodriguez-Acosta, M, Nilsson, P, Jansson, S. and Taylor, G. 2006

Energy Policy and Institutional Context: Marine Energy Innovation Systems

subsectionWinskel, M, McLeod, A, Wallace, R. and Williams, R. 2006

Natural geochemical analogues for carbon dioxide storage and sequestration in deep geological porous reservoirs

subsectionHaszeldine, R.S., Quinn, O., England, G., Wilkinson, M., Shipton, Z.K., Evans, J.P., Heath, J., Crossey, L., Ballentine, C.J. and Graham, C.M. 2005


Renewable Energy in Power Systems

subsectionFreris, L and Infield, D. 2008

The Political Economy of Sustainable Energy

subsectionMitchell, C 2007

Book Chapter

Nuclear Power after 3/11: Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

subsectionButler, C., Parkhill, K. and Pidgeon, N. 2013

Designing and Creating my Low Carbon Home

subsectionMitchell, C 2012

Public responses to climate change and low-carbon energy

subsectionWhitmarsh, L. & Upham, P 2012

Social and psychological drivers of energy consumption behaviour and energy transitions

subsectionWhitmarsh, L. 2011

Nuclear or Not? Does Nuclear Power have a Place in a Sustainable Energy Future?

subsectionMitchell, C., and Woodman, B. 2007

A Regional Integrated Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside Case Study

subsectionGough, C, Bentham, M, Shackley, S. and Holloway, S. 2006

Carbon Dioxide Transport and Storage

subsectionHolloway, S, Karimjee, A, Akai, M, Pipatti, R. and Rypdal, K. 2006

A Regional Integrated Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Northwest of England Case Study

subsectionShackley, S, Kirk, K, McLachlan, C, Gough, C. and Holloway, S. 2006

Wave Energy

subsectionThorpe, T. and Wallace, A.R. 2006

Underground Geological Storage

subsectionBenson, S.L, Cook, P.J, Anderson, J, Bachu, S, Nimir, B, Basu, B, Bradshaw, J, Deguchi, G, Gale, J, von Goerne, G, Heidug, W, Holloway, S, Kamal, R, Keith, D, Lloyd, P, Rocha, P, Senior, W, Thomson, T, Torp, T, Wildenborg, A, Wilson, M, Zarleng, F 2005

Conference Paper

The geopolitical and security implications of shale gas development

subsectionDutton, J. 2012 document type

Integrated Optimal Power Flow for Electric Power and Heat in a Microgrid

subsectionAwad, B., Chaudry, M., Wu, J, and Jenkins, N. 2009

Developing a Transmission Access Regime to Deliver the UK's Renewable Targets

subsectionBaker, P. 2008

Evaluating the Capacity Value of Wind Generation in Systems with Hydro Generation external website

subsectionCastro, M., Shakoor, A., Pudjianto, D., and Strbac, G. 2008

Sustainable Development of the Gas and Electricity Infrastructure in the UK

subsectionChaudry, M., Jenkins, N., and Strbac, G. 2008

State-of-the-art of Design and Operation of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power (Summary of International Energy Agency Wind collaboration) (pp 489-499 in Volume 1)

subsectionHolttinen, H., Strbac, G., Shakoor, A., et al. 2007

Quantifying Risk of Interruptions and Evaluating Generation System Adequacy with Wind Generation

subsectionShakoor, A., Strbac,S., and Allan, R., 2006

UKERC Research Report

Mapping the Landscape of Public Attitudes Towards Low-Carbon Heating Technologies

subsectionSmith, W., Pidgeon, N., Demski, C. and Becker, S. 2024 document type

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Green Energy Mull

subsectionCairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, T., Hardy, J., McLachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E., Sharmina, M. 2020 document type

Financing Community Energy Case Studies: Gwent Energy CIC

subsectionCairns, I., Hannon, M., Braunholtz-Speight, Tim., Hardy, J., Mclachan, C., Mander, S., Manderson, E., Sharmina, M. 2020 document type

Exploring Social Value in the Contest of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study of Hinkley Point C. An Energy-PIECES report

subsectionRoddis, P. and Robison, R. 2020 document type

Visions for the future of community energy in the UK - realising the potential

subsectionBraunholtz-Speight, T., McLachlan, C., Mander, S., Cairns, I., Hannon, M., Hardy, J., Manderson, E. and Sharmina, M 2019 document type

The Solar Commission - A bright future: opportunities for UK innovation in solar energy

subsectionWalker, A., Coonick, A., Greenham, N., Vinnicombe, K., Walls, M., Stojkovoska, B., Lucas, R., Klassen, A., Robertson, N., Dale, P., Agha, I., Warren, P., Tan, K.T., Bedford, S., Jones, L., Dobson, R., Thirkill, A., Burns, W. and Stoker, D. 2019 document type

Future UK Gas Security: A Position Paper

subsectionBradshaw, M. 2018 document type

Review of UK Energy System Demonstrators

subsectionFlett, G., Kelly, N. and McGhee, R. 2018 document type

Staying Connected Key Elements for UKEU27 Energy Cooperation After Brexit

subsectionFroggatt, A., Wright, G. and Lockwood, M 2017 document type

The future role of natural gas in the UK

subsectionMcGlade. C., Pye. S., Watson. J., Bradshaw. M., Ekins. P. 2016 document type

Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK - Synthesis Report

subsectionOzkan, N., Watson, T., Connor, P., Axon, C., Whitmarsh, L., Davidson, R., Spence, A., Baker, P. and Xenias, D. 2014 document type

Public Attitudes to Nuclear Power and Climate Change in Britain Two Years after the Fukushima Accident - Synthesis Report

subsectionPoortinga, W., Pidgeon, N.F., Capstick, S. and Aoyagi, M. 2014 document type

Transforming the UK Energy System: Public Values, Attitudes and Acceptability external website

subsectionParkhill, K., Demski, C., Butler, C., Spence, A. and Pidgeon, N. 2013

Decarbonising the UK Energy System: Accelerated Development of Low Carbon Energy Supply Technologies

subsectionWinskel, W., Markusson, N., Moran, B., Jeffrey, H., Anandarajah, G., Hughes, N., Candelise, C., Clarke, D., Taylor, G., Chalmers, H., Dutton, G., Howarth, P., Jablonski, S., Kalyvas, C. and Ward, D. 2009 document type

UKERC Working Paper

Seasonal Storage of Heat in Boreholes

subsectionQadrdan, M., Chaudry, M. and Wu, J. 2023 document type

The Future of District Heating and Cooling Networks

subsectionQadrdan, M., Woodman, B. and Wu, J. 2023 document type

Institutional Landscapes for Local Energy Systems: Mapping England, Scotland and Wales

subsectionBritton, J. and Webb, J. 2022 document type

The impact of shocks and disruptions in the GB energy system

subsectionChaudry, M., Qadrdan, M., Chi, L. and Wu, J. 2022 document type

Risk and Investment in Zero-Carbon Electricity Markets: Implications for policy design

subsectionBlyth, W., Gross, R., Nash, S., Jansen, M., Rickman, J. and Bell, K. 2021 document type

A transformation to sustainable heating in the UK: risks and opportunities for UK heat sector businesses

subsectionLowes, R., Woodman, B. and Clark, M 2018 document type

Modelling natural gas resource uncertainties and regional gas markets: a review of current models and an introduction to a new field-level gas production and trade model

subsectionWelsby, D. 2018 document type

Transmission-distribution coordination and transition to more actively operated distribution: why it matters

subsectionBell, K. 2017 document type

Security of electricity supply in a lowcarbon Britain : A review of the Energy Research Partnerships report Managing Flexibility Whilst Decarbonising the GB Electricity System

subsectionBell, K. and Hawker, G. 2016 document type

Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Literature Review - Working Paper

subsectionXenias, D., Axon, C., Balta-Ozkan, N., Cipcigan, L., Connor, P.M., Davidson, R., Spence, A., Taylor, G. and Whitmarsh, L. 2014 document type

Transforming the UK Energy System: Public Values, Attitudes & Acceptability.Deliberating Energy System Transitions in the UK.

subsectionButler, C., Parkhill, K., and Pidgeon, N. 2013 document type

Transforming the UK Energy System: Public values, attitudes and acceptability, Summary findings of a survey conducted August 2012.

subsectionDemski, C. Spence, A. and Pidgeon, N. 2013 document type

Public Attitudes to Nuclear Power and Climate Change in Britain Two Years after the Fukushima Accident: Summary findings of a survey conducted in March 2013 - Working Paper

subsectionPoortinga, W., Pidgeon, N.F., Capstick, S. and Aoyagi, M. 2013 document type

Electricity Market Design for a Low-carbon Future

subsectionBaker, P.E., Mitchel, C. and Woodman, B. 2010 document type

The Extent to Which Economic Regulation Enables the Transition to a Sustainable Electricity System

subsectionBaker, P., Mitchell, C. and Woodman, B. 2009 document type

Building a Resilient UK Energy System - Working Paper

subsectionChaudry, M., Ekins, P., Kannan, R., Shakoor, A., Skea, J., Strbac, G., Wang, X. and Whitaker, J. 2009 document type

Environmental Sustainability of Electricity Generation Systems with Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage

subsectionHolloway, S. and Rowley, W.J. 2008 document type

Technology Change and Energy Systems: Learning Pathways for Future Sources of Energy

subsectionWinskel, M., Markusson, N., Jeffrey, H., Jablonski, S., Candelise, C., Ward, D. and Howarth, P. 2008 document type

Multi-time Period Combined Gas and Electricity Network Optimisation

subsectionChaudry, M., Jenkins, N. and Strabc, G. 2007 document type

Developing a Bioenergy Roadmap for the UK

subsectionTaylor, G. 2007 document type

Workshop to Develop a Bioenergy Research Roadmap for the UK

subsectionTaylor, G. 2007 document type

Existing Marine Renewable Energy Road-maps

subsectionMueller, M. 2006 document type

A Road-Map for Marine Renewable Energy Research In The UK

subsectionMueller, M. and Wallace, R. 2006 document type

Workshop Report

Public Risk Perceptions, Understandings, and Responses to Climate Change in Australia and Great Britain: Interim Report

subsectionReser, J. P., Pidgeon, N., Spence, A., Bradley, G. A., Glendon, I. and Ellul, M. 2011

Carbon capture and storage: Sustainability in the UK energy mix

subsectionHaszeldine, S., Gilfillan, S. and Wilkinson, M. 2006 document type

Future Economics and Markets for Hydrogen Applications and Infrastructure external website

subsectionUKERC 2006

EMEC/UKERC Workshop: Environmental Impacts and Monitoring of Marine Energy Conversion Devices

subsectionNorris, J. and Mueller, M. 2005 document type

UKERC Marine Network Meeting

subsectionUKERC 2005 document type

Consultation Response

Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy Inquiry: Critical national infrastructure and climate adaptation

subsectionCox, E., Bell, K.. and Brush, S. 2022 document type

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Review of Electricity Market Arrangements Consultation

subsectionGross, R., Blyth, W., MacIver, C., Green, R., Bell, K. and Jansen, M. 2022 document type

Ofgem RIIO-2 Consultation - Response from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC)

subsectionBell, K., Gross, R. and Watson, J 2018 document type

Ofgem Call for Evidence on the future of supply market arrangements - UK Energy Research Centre response

subsectionBrinker, L. 2018 document type

Welsh Government Consultation: Achieving our low-carbon pathway to 2030

subsectionPidgeon, N., Jenkins, N., Watson, J., Bays, J. and Gross, R. 2018 document type

UKERC response to the Energy and Climate Change Committee's Inquiry on Heat

subsectionSansom, R., Jenkins, N., Chaudry, M., Eyre, N., Watson, J. 2013 document type

Policy Briefing Paper

Seven principles of place-based net zero policy for SMEs

subsectionEadson, W., Hampton, S., Sugar, K., Blundel, R. and Northall, P. 2024 document type

Bristol City Leap: A Novel Finance and Public Procurement Model for Delivering Net Zero

subsectionNolden, C., Moya Mose, T., Sugar, K., Kommidi, A. and Fox, S. 2023 document type

Review of Energy Policy 2022

subsectionGross, R., Webb, J., Bradshaw, M., Bell, K., Taylor, P., Gailani, A., Rattle, I., Brand, C., Anable, J., Kuzemko, C. and Froggatt, A. 2022 document type

Brexit and Renewables in Scotland

subsectionMcEwen, N., McHarg, A., Munro, F., Cairney, P., Turner, K. and Katris, A. 2019 document type

Flexibility in Great Britains gas networks: analysis of linepack

subsectionRowley, P. and Wilson, G. 2019

Flexibility in Great Britain’s gas networks:analysis of linepack and linepack flexibility using hourly data

subsectionWilson, G. and Rowley, P. 2019 document type

A New Approach to Assessing UK Gas Security

subsectionBradshaw, M. 2018 document type

Heat decarbonisation challenges: local gas vs electricity supply

subsectionRowley, P., Wilson, G. and Taylor, R. 2018

Challenges for the decarbonisation of heat: local gas demand vs electricity supply Winter 2017/2018

subsectionWilson, G., Taylor, R. and Rowley, P 2018 document type

Review of UK Energy Policy

subsectionWatson, J., Ekins, P., Wright, L., Eyre, N., Bell, K., Darby, S., Bradshaw, M., Webb, J., Gross, R., Anable, J., Brand, C., Chilvers, J., and Pidgeon, N. 2016 document type